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06-14-10, 05:00 PM
Does anyone have a list of all light bulbs for the xlr. I cannot find them in the service manual or the owners manual like past cadillacs. The bulbs that i have removed have no numbers on them. I want to replace them with led bulbs. Thanks, bob

06-16-10, 11:25 PM
LED are a nice, reasonably inexpensive mod for your XLR. You lose the dimming capability after the car shuts down, but the clean, white light looks so much better than the OEM incandescent, dim yellow.

Legend: Location (Qty) OEM bulb P/N

Rearview Mirror (2) 194 ---These can be a bear to get out. Recommend placing heatshrink over the bulb, shrink it, and pull them out.
Under Dash/Footwells (2) PC168
Glove Box (1) 194
Door Courtesy Lights (2) PC168
Front Side Marker (2) 194
Back-up/Reverse (2) 3156
License Plate (2) PC168/194
DRL (2) 3757
Front Parking (2) 3157
Front Turn Sig (2) 3757
Trunk (1) PC168 Requires 1/2" socket adapters (see below)
Hood (1) 561 For LED: Rigid Loop Festoon 44 x 10.5mm/Flank style

LED Sources:

(1) Superbrightleds.com
(2) V-LEDS.com
(3) ” instrument panel socket adapters: https://www.dormanproducts.com/cgi-bin/vm91corp30r/item-dtl.w?sid=jREalAbiOwfibbfV013201096887031092&item=85835&icrid=&clt=hwrap1&vsrch_str=85835&vsrch_brand=ALL&vsrch_cat=ALL&st_amount=&end_amount=&start=&vfrom=&prev=&vnext=&category_list=:0

TRUNK: V-LEDs.com has a nice 6 LED, flank style (180 of illumination) to replace the 168 bulb in the trunk. Part number for white LED is 194_6F_W. 12 lumen output @ 6000k. 90mA draw. Size: 24.5mm length, 10mm wide, 7.3mm thick.

HOOD : V-LEDs.com Rigid loop festoon. White LED PN is 561_W
MAP LIGHTS: V-LED replacement PN 194_HP__W_6K. Another interesting LED they stock (PN 194_X5_HP_W) has 4 radial firing LEDs plus one axially mounted LED. 50 lumen output.


06-17-10, 02:34 PM
Thanks for the information, now i can get to work replacing them. Bob

06-28-10, 04:32 AM
The leds are installed and look great. It gives the interior a nice light white glow and has the appearance of the new cars.
Superbrightleds.com has any led light that you can think of for any project. The prices are fair and if you take the standard uspo shipping rate, they get to you in a few days in a padded envelope.
You do not need the adapters, because they have a bulb to match without the adapter. If you want the adapter, they have them at auto zone and they are made by dorman and you have to hunt for them in the light bulb section. You will not get much help, because they do not know what you are talking about.
Most bulbs are of the 194 style. I suggest you buy the higher price bulbs that have leds forward and sideways to get the most light. To remove the bulbs in the rear view mirror, get a piece of vacuum hose that fits tight over a 194 bulb. Now push it up deep and tight over the old bulb, now pull back and the bulb removes easy. Anything short of this will drive you nuts trying to get the old bulb out. The new ones go in easy. Do not forget the 2 trunk bulbs, the glove box, the license lights and the back-up lights, which are different bulbs. Any questions let me know.