: Unique set of mods may lead to problems...

06-14-10, 10:56 AM
Good Morning,

First off let be say that the products and service offered up by Max over at Creative Steel are top notch.

Differential Bushing:

Everyone when you get the chance, look at your diff bushing. I know I wanted to replace it and I am glad I did as half the rubber was falling off. You can see some hanging out if it is really bad like mine was. The bushing seems to have tightened my rear end significantly. Most (not all) of the traditional "clunk" has been subdued. I think I am going to need to trash the dual mass turd and get Max's drive shaft guibo to truly end the clunk. GET HIS BUSHING PULLER, makes removal/install a dream :worship:

Transmission Mount:
To replace the transmission mount:
-Drop the exhaust resonator (corsa) (I don't know how much is needed for the other types.)
-Remove the two nuts on the mount shanks and the two bolts connecting the mount to the transmission.
-Drop the Transmission cross-member (6 bolts - 4x ~5/8" and 2 T-45 torx)
-Slide the mount/cross-member back out past the exhaust.
-remove old, install new and reverse process above.

This thing looks beefy compared to the old mount. But it also looks taller than the factor mount as well. I blew this off.

I purchased the Motor Mounts but did not install them yet. I have the "custom" short throw shifter that has a small piece of pipe welded to the bottom of the stock shifter that has the same ID as the stock hole.

With everything installed (including a new battery as the old one decided to take a dump while mid air) I encountered a new sound. All gears shifted smoothly now whereas before the shifter felt excessively notchy going to neutral to the selected gear, as if the linkage was traveling through a dense forest of metal under my hand. Except for 2nd gear. As I shifted into 2nd, the shift linkage decided to high-five my guibo and its bolts, about 3 times per revolution.

Putting the car back up in the air, I found a fingernail sized cut into my shift linkage where the guibo bolts line up. Thankfully for me, I just re-installed the shift linkage to the factory setting, and all is right with the world again. The mount has actually proved to be a godsend. The longer throws coupled with the new mount makes changing gears a pleasure again. I believe the short throws with the old mount caused the rough movement between gears. I am a slighlty happier V owner now than when I was friday.

I believe the problem I am encountering is due to the transmission mount being installed without the motor mounts. This may cause the engine to sag and line up the linkage to hit the guibo in 2nd. I hope that the installation of the motor mounts lifts the engine up, aligns everything and I can switch back to the short throw hole to really see the improvement just from the mounts.

As a side note, The tranny and diff replacements have not added one more iota of noise or vibration to the cabin, at least from what I can tell.

06-14-10, 11:55 AM
If the trans mount is taller than the stock mount, it will cause the shift linkage to hit with the modified short shifters. This is the first I've heard of the CS mounts not being the exact same height as stock. This is also the case with the other aftermarket trans mount.

06-14-10, 12:14 PM
I don't have proof, as I did not measure them before hand. It is definitely a superior mount than stock. Before, no problems. Now with the diff and trans mount installed, the 2nd gear has a grinding issue with the lower linkage setup. I have swapped back to stock and have not had problems.

I am assuming that this has not been brought up before as the transmission mount has always been done with the motor mounts. I am assuming that my motor mounts are probably bad enough that they cause the engine to sag and lift up the linkage enough to slap the guibo bolts. I am also assuming I can go back to short throws once I get the motor mounts in.

06-14-10, 02:15 PM
You NEVER want a stiffer trans mount then motor mounts. That is probably where you issue is. Either change the motor mounts ASAP or pull that trans mount.

06-14-10, 03:50 PM
I ended up just going back to the stock trans mount cause of all the issues.

I do Love the C.s. motor mounts and diff bushing.

06-15-10, 06:38 AM
Snipe - Flip your nylon pivot ball outer housing over. This should give you about 1/4" - 3/8" of clearance so that your style of modified shifter can be used. PM me if you have any questions.

06-15-10, 08:06 AM
Flipping the pivot ball is a good idea, that may just give me the clearance I need.

I may be a special case, but the mount at least for me is worth the small setback. It has dampened the shutdown shudder significantly. The mount has made all my shifts much smoother between gears, not just lighter due to the longer throw. All this with no noticeable addition of vibes or noise.

Max, the tool is in the mail today!