: 90 brougham interior roof problem

06-13-10, 09:26 PM
I was wondering if anyone else has run across this problem, the interior fabric on the roof of my car has started to separate from the backing. Here is a pic of what I’m talking about.

Now I was wondering if I could cut a slit in the material and use something like Elmer’s spray adhesive to try and glue the fabric back in place.
I really don’t want to have to replace the lining on the whole roof right now, especially since I don’t really want to go dumping all kinds of money into it.

If anyone has had this problem before or has any Ideas let me know.

06-14-10, 12:54 AM
There are a bunch of threads on this, do a search. Lots of good advice on how to do it yourself and save some money.

You will have to take out the headliner board, and it is kind of a PITA job. Not hard, just a PITA from all the contorting and finagiling the board out of the car.

You can pay somebody about $100 to have it redone. My 1991 has a sunroof and I had it redone for $200, since that was a bit more involved.

Robin Banx
06-15-10, 12:40 AM
I had the very same problem with the Junkyard Dog (81 SDV) when the headliner fabric separated from its foam backing. Not wanting to spend any money at the time, I elected to staple the material back up to the cardboard ceiling bowl. I used a hole punch to cut a bunch of 1/2" diameter cardboard discs of approximately the same colour as the h/l, got out my trusty B.C Tel staple gun and shot through the discs (to support the loose fabric) and after about 20 or so discs were shot, the headliner material was returned to roughly the position of being "good enough for the girls we go out with" if ya know what I mean.