: Headlights and Instrument Cluster

06-13-10, 02:07 PM
I recently purchased a 2007 Escalade and have some questions that I am hoping you guys can help answer. First off, I noticed the instrument cluster is lit constantly; even if I turn the automatic headlights off. Is this normal? Secondly, I have tried turning on all the different lights and I can not get the middle bulb in the head light assembly's to come on. What is this bulb for? The HID lights come on and the very top lights come on but the middle bulb never turns on. Also, the top lights do not turn off when I turn on the parking lights manually at the headlight switch. If these are truly DRL's, should they not turn off when the parking lights are turned on manually?

I am also curious about the rear window wiper. I know the first position is off, the second position is delay and the third position is on. I had a Tahoe before the Escalade and when you put the switch to the third position, the rear wiper ran continously just like if you turned on the front wipers. However, on the Escalade, there is a short pause between each cycle; even when the switch is all the way over. I should note that the pause on the third setting is less than when it is on the delay setting but again I am curious if there should be any pause at all since my Tahoe was not like that.

I know these probably sound like dumb questions but I have never owned a Cadillac and the options do not to be similar to other GM products that I have owned.

Thanks for any input.


06-13-10, 07:33 PM
A lot of headlight questions..I think I can answer this. The upper light is the parking light which turns on with the dash switch or if in Auto position comes on when dusk or dark. The middle light is the DLR and it will only be on during the Day with the lights in auto. The lower is the headlights both high and low which operate by the light switch and/or stalk switch (for highs) come on at dusk or dark with the switch in Auto. You can look on the DIC when you cycle the headlight switch to off and it will tell you what state the auto light control is in. It defaults to on. The switch on the mirror and its little green indicator is for high beam auto control which when on (green lit) turns off and on the high beams according to conditions (car approaching, car in front, etc. When off you must use the control on the signal indicator to operate the high beams. Can't help you with rear wiper because I only have EXT's.
Dash lighting is normal. Intensity for all is controlled by the potentiometer. The light sensor in the middle of the dash will hopefully tell the BCM to dim the lighting on all when it is dark and back to bright when light out.