: opinion in MOntreal

06-13-10, 12:02 PM

I just got a 1987 Brougham yesterday. I am not sure if the suspension works properly in the back.

Now on my other cars I am doing all my work and will do the same on this one.

So I am looking for someone who knows those cars very well and who would be willing to try it and tell me his opinion on if the suspension in my car works good or the shocks are being a bit worn out. I never drove one of those cars that I was sure it would be in good shape

Until now I mainly worked on my motorcycle, some Volkswagen and a Volvo and my actual Saturn. Those are the cars I know better.
The Caddy is a different kind of beast for me now until I get to know it.

Weird question I know but I usually have much more trust in people on forums who know their cars and motorcycles very well than a garage, no offense to the mechanics here! Some mechanics are amazing, but I had some bad experiences in the past.