: water pump pulley

06-13-10, 10:45 AM
how tight should the water pump pulley on the end of the camshaft be? ive broken two pullers so far trying to remove it.are they very expensive as iv a mind to grind it off!!:crying:

Harry Yarnell
06-13-10, 12:27 PM
They are tight.
I've used a Snap-On tool that has the center post the same size as the hole in the pulley, and it binds.
I've been using a harbor freight job that works very well...

06-13-10, 12:34 PM
have you got a link to the puller you use?i have got to get this pulley off one way or another as its holding up my head gasket job.

Harry Yarnell
06-13-10, 07:46 PM
Pulley remover/installer #40749 $16

06-14-10, 02:57 PM
Yup - that's what i used - it's a made in China P.O.C, but it worked perfectly for me also. It's actually sometimes called a PS pump pulley remover/installer. In case you don't have a Harbor Freight nearby, I think Auto Zone may have them available for free loan.