: Is this plausible? Transmission or Battery

Bob Glenn
06-12-10, 10:16 AM
While driving last night I was stopped at a red light in my STS -V, when the light turned green I hit the gas and my sts v did not move but then engine revved in drive. I shifted to park then back into drive and was able to pull the car off the road (as usual always in the middle lane on a three lane highway when you have car trouble). The car did not change gears and transmission temperature climbed to 207 degrees. The car would turn off but the accessories stayed on (ie I don't think it recognized the car was in park). I could not locate the tow hook on the car? I had the car towed to the dealer, was able to restart it multiple times to get the car on the tow truck. The battery died during the night due to the accessories being on all night.

When I met with the service advisor this morning he stated "it may be the battery was below 10 volts that caused the issue". Does this make sense to anyone? Battery fails … transmission does not shift …. Can't turn off the accessories but car starts no problem.

I have a certified pre-owned warranty and not sure if the service advisor is trying to CYA in case Cadillac will not pick up the loaner car.
Thanks in advance,


06-12-10, 10:47 AM
tranny solenoids are electrical, no? Plausible, yes.


Bob Glenn
06-12-10, 12:26 PM
Plausible, yes, Does it make sense everything else ok (ac, nav, radio) except transmission and accessory off?


06-13-10, 09:12 AM
Is it possible it could do that with a low battery, I guess ? However I , and others here, have seen the xmission acting funny and the car not being able to be completely shit off and staying in accessory. I know for a fact it was not my battery that caused it as it was a fairly new Optima Red Top and to fix my situation I pulled the negative terminal for about 15 min and let the car reset then reconnected. So far it hasn't done it since with that same battery. I'm with Florian in that it could be one of the solenoids in the transmission getting locked up.

fast impala
06-13-10, 02:14 PM
This could be another of the transmission software grimlins, kicking in. My V occasionally, will simply not grab the gears, in a low speed, coasting, uphill, righthand turn. It did this within two weeks of owning, and I bought the car new.

Ask the Caddy people about it, they no nothing!:o I periodically change my driving habits, and disconnect the battery, and it goes away. It's pretty easy on the 08's, because the battery terminals have a quick disconnect latch.

I've never been able to get any concrete documentation, on why the V does this. Very poor stuff, for an $80,000 car.:annoyed:

Bob Glenn
06-14-10, 04:35 PM
Appears to be Gremlins, just got off the phone with my service advisor. The battery died due to the accessories staying on, the service team did a quick charged of the battery, started and ran the car with no issues ... then trickle charged the batttery no battery problems. There were no error codes stored even thought the car transmission would not shift, the engine light was on, transmission was running hot (208 degrees) and accessories would not turn off? The dealer is going to continue to test drive the car to see if the issue reappears. I will get the car back tomorrow.


06-15-10, 12:54 AM
If you had the condition where the car did not sense being put into park, then this issue has been discussed before. It is either a bad sensor in the shift position sensor, or a bad sensor in the transmission itself. Does not throw a code. First time it happened to me, they changed the position sensor. Happened again 2 weeks later and they changed the trans sensor. Been fine ever since.


Bob Glenn
06-15-10, 10:02 AM
It was strange, the car did recognize it was in park ... ie the display showed "P" you could rev the engine and it would not move but the accessiories would not turn off. Thanks for the post, I will let my service advisor know the about the issue with the position sensor and trans sensor.