: My "New to Me" 89 Brougham

06-12-10, 03:05 AM
I just brought her home last weekend. This car was my grandmothers, has just under 61k on the clock. The car has been driven very little over the past 8 years (maybe 3500 miles).

So... before driving her 360 miles to my house, I had new radiator/heater hoses, all new belts, oil change (oil was 2 yrs old with 600 miles), new, pcv valve, themostat w/gasket. valve covers were leaking a bit and mechanic suggested gaskets, so I had them do that as well...I know...:tisk: All other fluids were checked/topped off.

She ran well on the interstate but when I got home had small oil spot on driveway. I have driven her around about 40 mi or so since I got home, parked in the garage...no more drips.

I am going to replace fuel filter this weekend...tried today before work, but no luck...used spray lube on the fitting and hopefully will be able to get that taken care of. Do I need to get flare nut wrenches?

Also, she has developed belt squeal from A.I.R. pump. Possible the belt stretched a bit? :confused:

Tranny fluid nice and pink but considering fluid/filter change since I do not know how long ago it was changed...if ever.

Once title is taken care of will have to pass emissions, I would appreciate any input on what I might be able to do to ensure she passes? Thanks!!

06-13-10, 02:11 AM
You don't need a flare wrench for the fuel (it's just recommended). You do need to use two wrenches or you will twist the line. The larger nut is something larger than an inch (it's metric and the biggest thing I had was 15/16, so I used vice grips). The smaller nut is a 16mm.

06-13-10, 09:47 AM
Got the filter changed, and used vise grips for the larger nut as well. She runs/idles MUCH better. Currently have Seafoam tratment in the tank right now and will change filter again after I run this tank through.

Guy at Autozone looked at the Smog pump...said I need a new one...$69.99. Has anyone put one on them selves? looks like a fairly easy fix.

06-16-10, 10:55 PM
The most overlooked item for service on an old low mileage car is brake fluid replacement. Brake fluid by nature, gathers moisture, eventually rusting wheel cylinders, caliper pistons and master cylinders. Have the brake system flushed. Its more important than trans oil at this point