: 07 Headlight and Rear Seat Entertainment question...

06-11-10, 06:31 PM
ok i tryed to serarch for a diagram or something about the headlights to find out the bulb # but to no luck. Its the very top bulb that comes on at night i guess your nighttime running light one of mine went out and i was lookin to replace it myself? and needed to know bulb #. is it something easy to do myself or just take it to dealer? and also my rear seat control on the center console that controls air and stuff for back well the lil screen that lights up thats on it went out about 500 miles ago does anyone know how to fix? that im prolly gonna have to take that to the dealership to get checked out.

thanks in advance,

06-11-10, 06:56 PM
aka the park lights lol

06-11-10, 11:57 PM
For the bulbs, the # is 194 from the factory. The 194's from the glove box will work as well the the 2825 for the license plates. They all look the same and many other bulb types liek them will work but there are too many to list. I just got my truck 2 days ago but ain't had a chance to go thru the owner's manual. I am sure those kinda info are in it. Replacing them yourself is easy if you have a little bit of mechanical experience.

For the display in the back, check with the dealership. I wouldn't mess with electronics if i were you.