: Just curious.....

durrk johnson
06-10-10, 02:34 PM
about horsepower and my 96 FWB.

Now, I already have to get these shocks put on and my level ride issue settled, but in the future, I was thinking of getting some mods done or possibly doing them myself if they are simple....

But what i would really like to know is, How I could get my car up to around 350hp? Or is there any performance parts that would make my car faster?

I already got new walker exhaust but i dont think that did anything to my hp...

06-10-10, 02:39 PM



Couple of good links to get you started...I haven't tried any of these (yet) but I would also suggest checking out a few LT1 forums. for example:

As I'm sure you've learned from this forum, internet forums are a great place to find knowledgeable people to help you with info gathering :)