: 67 Fleetwood 75 - Driver's Door Switches?

06-10-10, 02:40 AM
I'm tackling the first functional issue with my new Fleetwood - the driver's door switches came in the trunk of the car, wiring totally disconnected from the switch. I'm guessing the PO was troubleshooting non-functional switches, but what he didn't realize was that virtually all the wiring to the driver's door was severed in the rubber bellow at the hinge. Whoops!

I've pulled all that apart, made temporary repairs, and am trying to figure out what does what. Since the switch is completely massacred, in several pieces.

There are only seven wires going through the door, via one 4-pin connector and one 3-pin connector. I've traced the following:

Two wires (orange and white/black) are the door light
One wires (orange) is +12v for the windows.
Two wires (blue/white and brown/white) are the front passenger window


Remaining in the harness are two wires - green and green/white - what do they do?

There was a yellow wire dangling from the driver's door, about six inches long that went nowhere. I can't figure out what it does or where it goes. Maybe part of the previous owner's troubleshooting? Anyone know?

What are the four switches in the driver's door supposed to do? Clearly two of them control the front two windows, but what do the other two do? I'm baffled.


06-10-10, 02:02 PM
Well, I think I found my answers... the forward window switches make the front windows go up and down, but the rearward window switches only go UP! Kinda makes sense - you wouldn't want the driver accidentally lowering your windows, right? The green and green/white wires are up on the rear windows (FWIW, purple and purple/white would be down, if they were there).

Still don't know what that yellow wire is supposed to do, or why it's there. There is nothing I can find that it would control, and nowhere that it would go. Might just be previous owner shenanigans.

06-10-10, 02:26 PM
hmmm not sure what the yellow could be for. Maybe someone has a wiring diagram to share?

06-10-10, 02:41 PM
Vent windows? Door locks? Those are the only other power things in the door that come to mind, and the door locks in '67 are vacuum.

06-10-10, 09:05 PM
I have no idea what was going on there - thankfully whoever was working on it was being careful!

Once I get the door panel & window switches reassembled, I need to tackle the vacuum system. That should be fun. :)

Big obstacle right now is - of all things - soldering. I can't get the solder to stick to the old, exposed wires. I really, really do not want to have to replace the whole thing. I might chicken out and go with some weatherproof crimp connectors for now. They should do the job... Although I don't even know how important weather proof is - the wiring isn't exposed to anything at all anyway.

Edit - the vent windows are manual cranks in this car. I think power was new for '68. Door locks are definitely vacuum, although I can't see for the life of me how vacuum gets from the engine to the interior of the doors!

06-11-10, 01:32 AM
There's a vacuum reserve canister. That's why the locks can work after the engine is turned off (though not for long).

06-11-10, 01:06 PM
Yeah - there are some rotted vacuum hoses and a couple very loosely fitting ones. I just did a casual inspection under the hood - at least the canister and most if not all of the hoses are still there! I still haven't found vacuum hoses going into the doors - or any place they'd be. Not sure how that works.

06-11-10, 01:41 PM
were the door locks vaccum in the 69's?

06-12-10, 01:23 AM
Nope, first year of electric door locks.