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06-09-10, 10:53 AM
After promising myself that I'd keep a closer eye on my tire wear..I did happen to notice that my front tires are getting pretty worn out. I've been searching on the internet & making calls and can't find whitewall tires anywhere. One place did offer to special order some..but for almost twice what I was hoping to pay. Sears had a set they could order in..but they looked pretty cheap and were described as "entry-level" tires? Not sure what that's suppsoed to mean..but I do know being that we have a good variety of weather conditions here, I am not at all interested in "practice" tires.

Any ideas where I can go to find reasonably priced whitewall tires for a 2004 base deville?

06-09-10, 10:48 PM
The only fairly widely available whitewalls for the Roadmasters (and Broughams) as it's an odd size is the Hankook Mileage Plus and the Kumho Solus. I have a new set of both, one on each of my RM wagons.

They're fairly similar -- can't really tell the difference. They're OK tires, they weren't too high -- 80-90 each, maybe? (It's all gotten lost in the resto money I've dumped into these wagons.)

Tirerack.com, however, doesn't show these in the size for an 04 Deville. There is a Continental ContiProContact that has a narrow .5 white stripe, but it doesn't show the striped side, only the blackwall.

Tirerack.com has a Dunlop SP 60 that has a little wider whitewall. There is a Goodyear Assurance Comfortred that has the .5 Whitewall, and shows it -- kind of looks like a Vogue....blech. Michelin Energy LX4 also has the .5 stripe...as does Michelin Symmetry.

If WW is the priority, based on what Tirerack has, I'd go w/the Dunlops. However, an 04 Deville IMO really doesn't need them. It's a modern enough design to use blackwalls. I wouldn't ever put WWs on my '95 Concours and it's 10 years older...

06-10-10, 07:10 AM
Thanks...I did just decide to go with the regular blackwalls...besides I was always bad at keeping the white stripe cleaned anyway so half the time they looked like blackwalls anyway :)

johnny kannapo
06-10-10, 05:02 PM
Michilen Symmetry a great all-season tire for your caddy. http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz183/billytheshoe/295b99f5.jpg

06-10-10, 05:51 PM
I believe Michelin has discontinued those..those are the ones I was trying to find

06-10-10, 06:25 PM
tirerack.com had them.

06-10-10, 08:25 PM
Oh well..maybe next time in another 80000 miles when my new ones with black sidewalls wear out. I know it's a subject of debate..but I do think a thin white strip looks classy.

Just as well that I saved $400 from the cost of the whitewalls because as it turns out what I thought was an annoying rattle from a loose exhaust hanger actually turned out to be a broken shock absorber :(

06-10-10, 09:20 PM
Minnesotamom are you coming to the meet this weekend?

06-10-10, 10:13 PM
I'd love to..but have plans to go visit a friend in Rochester this weekend. Sounds like fun though...you've picked out some great places...and events. I'll check in and if I'm around I'll pop in and say "hi"..

Might actually be at the Hastings car show on Saturday though..late in the evening though