: latest score 94 fleetwood brghm

06-09-10, 01:46 AM
this ones getting parted, clean interior
cracked dash, nice driveline
like the burgundy color, must have been a nice one in its day
finally some new inventory!!

06-09-10, 06:00 AM
Damn, I was about to say "WTF ANOTHER ONE?"


06-09-10, 08:09 AM
Damn, dude! They must be sitting around on the side of the road up there. Since I have been home with mine, I have seen two others only on one occasion each. Very scarce down here, but folks are seeing one on a regular basis now.

I always liked that dark burgandy when they were new.

06-09-10, 08:48 AM
nice man. How's the progress going on your black beast? Any pics?

06-09-10, 12:11 PM
Can I have the driver's side central locking switch (with the bezel)?

06-09-10, 03:33 PM
I wish it were easy to find these cars for parts,
since there heavy weights a lot just get crushed for scrap

I put in a lot of time searching and in this
case risking my ass driving a rather unsafe car home
not to mention there are seldom reasonably priced
I paid a bit more then I wanted for this one,
but I have a few orders to fill, so if you need something ask now before
the good stuffs gone

this car has a really clean set of fact alloy wheels

06-09-10, 03:44 PM
Jim, you need to get yourself a flatbed! :D

also, just out of curiosity, do you ever pull/sell the engines from these beasts? Not necessarily looking to buy one, just more curious as to whether or not that's something you do and ballpark how much would that run?

And I can attest to Jim's honesty and dependability as a seller. I bought my '95 from him for a more than fair price. He loaded it up with lots of nice parts to replace some of the crappy/missing parts on the car and since then I've put over 2,000 miles on the car with no major problems. Still loving it.

06-09-10, 04:02 PM
ya I sell the motors when there worthy avg 5-600 withall computers and plugs intact
this car has a real nice motor and trans
they are a bear to remove though
the last two I sold (lt1's) one was going into an off road jeep rangler, and the other in a datsun 240Z, go figure

just a side note, we seem to be on a parallel, both my mufflers were leaking on the 95, so I bought the walker quiet flows and sure enough the engine pipes are welded onto the mufflers, walker says
replace the engine pipes in this case, ya right,
since the pipes are stainless steel, they in most cases will outlast the car
but I spent a few hours cutting the mufflers off, and grinding the weld off the pipe so it would slide into the new muffler, its only welded at the engine side,
the resonator side is just standard clamps, it wasnt fun, but its all back together

thanks for the good words there.....Jim

the quiet flows are not as quiet as the factory mufflers but there about half as much as the fact at $80 ea.

06-09-10, 04:12 PM
yeah mine were only welded on at the engine side, also.

I had to cut them off, then use an extention pipe to go from the original pipe to the new muffler because of how it was welded. looked like they used a non-standard muffler or something and just let the pipe and muffler meet up then welded it right there. When cutting it I lost an inch or two of pipe.

cool to hear about the engines. 500 to 600 is a good price for such a versatile motor. In the future I'd love to swap out my 307 for an LT1 ;)

As for pulling them...I know how hard that is! I pulled the 472 out of my 69 caddy and let me tell you, that thing was no joke!

06-09-10, 05:04 PM
The LT1 in the FWB that I got rid of was actually going into a Roadmaster Wagon. lol

06-10-10, 04:21 AM
You are a real 1993-96 Fleetwood Collector indeed :D :bouncy:
Your latest score is very nice as well