: Cam Advice

08-29-04, 08:58 PM
i,ve been looking to step up my cam, but i'm very inexperianced with these sort of things. i found a cam on "max torque specialties" web site that sounds like a good deal but am a little unsure about if this would be the right choice for my 68 472. i don't plan on doing any real heavy mods just and edelbrock manifold, duel exaust,and maybe a mild carb. in this quote from their ad they sugest a "2200 RPM stall torque converter" but from what i've read that seems a little low for a car w/ so much hp and torque. does any one think this is a good buy for the money( 120 bucks or so) and if i went this route is there any other valvetrain components i shoud consider? :hmm:

"10 Series Grinds-

RPM Range: 1200-5000 / Advertised Duration Range: 270-285 / Duration @ .050 Range: 220-228 / Valve Lift Range: .525"- .538"

Now were talking. These 10 series grinds provide a major boost in mid range and top end performance. At this level you really have to listen at idle, to tell there is a hotter cam in the engine. These cams have a smooth and clean idle at about 800 RPM. I really like these grinds in 472/500 cid equipped DeVille's, Fleetwood's and Eldorado"s. Slide this cam into Your Caddy, add a 2 1/2" dual exhaust system with an "H" pipe collector, then toss in a 2200 RPM stall torque converter and stand back ! Your Cad. will still sound and act like daddy's Caddy. With no loss of your Cadillac's excellent stock street manners. Until you romp the gas pedal. Mustang boy next to you at the stop light, won't believe what just happened. This grind also works great with stock TH400 shift points. There is even more on tap if you want. If you manual shift your trans, this will pull like a freight train to about 4800 RPM. Great towing grind for trucks with 3;73 gears. Raises peak cruise efficiency to 2800-3000 RPM"
that's the add from MTS. any help here would be greatly apreciated!

09-05-04, 10:54 PM
You do not want to run a dual pattern(more ex duration) on a 500/472 cadillac.
A good single pattern camshaft in the 224-230@.050 range on a 112-114lsa will make more power thruout the rpm range and not send all your power out the exhaust.
The idea that a dual pattern camshaft works for everything is just the cam companies getting into a rut and not really researching what an individual engine like and what it makes more power with.
Ive put 4 different cars into the 11's with cams in that range with less than optimum parts and have teriffic street manners as well.

11-23-05, 11:09 PM
Hey there,
I would like to hear what you have found out about camming and exhust on the 500's. I'm running one in a 66 F100 pick up.
I presently have a Comp. Cam 268/490. I have an Edelbrock intake and 800 cfm carb, with msd amp. Any imput would be appreciated.


11-25-05, 10:34 AM
Well, MTS doesn't specifically say their cams are dual pattern or not. The way their catalog is worded, it sounds like their 10 series grinds are a set of camshafts in that range. You'd likely have to talk with them directly to get specific in/exh duration, lift, and LSA numbers.
The debate between single pattern/dual pattern is endless though. For a street machine you probably won't notice much difference either way. The factory put dual pattern cams into these engines even before smog restrictions, so they can't be that bad. ;)

Torque inc, you realise that the cam you reccomended is right in the top end of the range of the 10 series grinds. :)
That size seems like a god cam for a hot-rodded street cad as long as you have the compression (the '68 should have 10.5:1, so that's great). The stall converter is probably less than other engines might need with the same size cam because of the big cubes. The same size cam will behave smaller in a bigger engine because of the big displacement there is to fill. If one were to put the same cam in a 368, you probably would need a higher stall converter because that engine has less torque than a 472...

12-08-05, 01:55 PM
i'll be putting new cams in my 76, 500 and have been thinking of those from MTS. Al (the owner of MTS) is realy helpful. write to him and he'll help figure out if the cams will work or if you'll need any other changes for waht you want to do.

12-09-05, 12:54 PM
hey, let us know how the engine behaves before/after those cam swaps, that'd be really cool to know