: 88 Hearse UPDATE and ?'s

06-08-10, 09:24 PM
Ok, well its been about 3 weeks since I 've had the hearse and I haven't had as much time to spend on her yet... but soo far its been going ok.
I had her inspected and she passed, only problem was I had replace the two back tires. (i had them put the spares from my 91 on her, but they are not royal seals like the front two.) Front two are like new, and there is a brand new spare roayl seal spare inside, but I need one more!
They said the brakes were like new! I also had to replace the wiper motor.
And i recharged the A/C.

There is a small hole in the exhaust which seems to be getting a little louder, but it will have to do for now.

I put some wire caps from my 91 on her and they look 20 times better than the other caps. And I polished up alot of the chrome.

I am however having a few problems:

I am still getting heat coming out on the floor.... it won't stop unless air is on, but I don't know about long distances.

And the biggest issue I am having, is that while driving right before I come to a stop(literally 2 seconds before the car stops) there is some kind of hesitation in the engine. It is like the engine "skips" or wants to stall for a second, then it like kicks right back in, and runs fine. But it does this with every stop.:ill:
What could be causing this???:confused:

06-08-10, 11:42 PM
The heat bleeding through the vents could be your "Heater Water Valve," which is on the passenger side back of the engine. It has a water hose and a vacuum line going to it, and you need to take the air cleaner assembly off to see it, but it's not hard to find. Your's is probably stuck in the open position. To check if it is stuck, start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature, then turn the A/C to 60* Auto, and feel the heater hose that runs from the valve to the heater core. Do not touch the hose because it may burn you, but if it is hot, then the valve is stuck and needs to be replaced.

The problem when you are stopping sounds like the Torque Converter Clutch is getting stuck. Take the car to a reputable transmission shop and have them change the fluid, filter and the TCC Solenoid. If the car has below 70,000 miles (documented original), I would also recommend having them preform a flush before doing the filter change.

06-09-10, 07:42 PM
How much would I expect to pay for the TCC solenoid?

06-09-10, 08:29 PM
I had the same issue with my 86 FWB since I purchased it back in 2003. I finally figured out it was the TCC Solenoid last year. Everyone kept telling me the tranny needs rebuilding, etc..

I purchased mine from pepboys for around $50 and had a shop do a transmission filter change and fluid flush since they had to take off the transmission fluid pan anyways. The solenoid is easily accessible as soon as the pan is removed.

Here's a really helpful website...its for a 80's monte carlo, but its the same transmission as ours.


06-09-10, 09:22 PM
Mine cost $145 and that was a transmission flush, TCC solenoid, fluid, filter and labor.