: Changing seats from tan to black, can I buy seat covers?

06-08-10, 07:02 PM
I recently picked up everything needed to change the interior of my 04 V to black/grey, except for the seats. All the headlinerparts, A/B/C pillars, rear deck cover, and carpet is grey (carpet is black). the only thing I still need is a set of black seats.

I wonder if I could just buy the seat covers, or will I have to buy the whole dang seat? Used ones on ebay are $600 and up, plus truck freight at $150... I don't want them THAT bad, but I'd really like to get this going.

I'll call Luke and Lindsay Caddy in a couple days, but hoped someone here may have some insight.

Once all this is in, I'll be selling the tan parts that were removed from the car.

tommy compton
06-08-10, 11:40 PM
I bought one seat bottom cover and it was 200.00 from Lindsay. So your whole convesion won't be too cheap.

06-10-10, 02:15 PM
Where do you live?

06-10-10, 02:34 PM
Where do you live?

Paducah, KY

06-10-10, 05:11 PM
Ah, that's a little far. I have a extra black interior.

cts-v ls6
06-10-10, 06:07 PM
Try this link:

http://stores.ebay.com/Cleveland-Pick-A-Part_Cadillac-CTS-V_W0QQ_fsubZ10278075QQ_sidZ72206029QQ_trksidZp4634 Q2ec0Q2em322

I've bought from them before and they're good folks.


06-16-10, 04:20 PM
saw this on fleabay today and thought of u...even if u could use them temporarily.....good luck Greg:alchi: not sure if they are the same as a V?


06-17-10, 01:09 PM
The V has suede inserts. Thanks for the post though.