: Cupholder install question

06-08-10, 06:02 PM
I know there is a thread on this, but it seems to not get much attention anymore. So, I need some help from those who have installed the Platinum cupholder in a standard Escalade.

I got my unit in, and the seller apparently cut the harness out. Now I'm left with a whole mess of wires that no one can figure out, no matter who I take it to.

Is there any way that one of you guys who have this cupholder, even if you have a Platinum edition, I need a picture of the underside where the harness is. If you have a Platinum, a part number for the harness itself would be GREAT, and if you have a standard I'd love to see how you wired it and what it looks like.

This would help a lot. Thanks

07-21-10, 03:14 PM
I recently posted some additional wiring information on the old thread. There was already a wiring schematic in the thread, I added descriptions of the wire colors, pinouts and signals (functions). If there are more questions I will try to answer them.
good luck,