: V''''''''s in Maine...

06-08-10, 11:26 AM
So I ended up with most of the day off yesterday and ran a few errands. Ended up along the North Shore of Boston with no plans so I headed north, mostly along the coast, all the way up to Scarborough, ME, just south of Portland. I then headed inland into NH and then headed home.

So anyway, I saw a raven V1 in Kittery yesterday with Florida plates(saw a V2 in Belmont last week w/ FL plates, too). But he seemed confused when he saw me. Like he didn't know what a V2 was, ur something. I dunno.

Then I saw a platinum V1 in what I remember to be Biddeford, ME. But I'm not sure. You saw me. You knew what I was driving. But I don't remember a lot of member from ME here so who knows?

But the drive was fun. I was out and about for 9+ hours...