: UPDATE: my 76 project....rear breaks

06-07-10, 08:35 PM
A while back I introduced myself and told everyone here about my 1976 Coupe de Ville project. The car was being mini-tubed. Some people here did not know what that meant, but it was explained later in the thread. Well, the tub is done and here is my question. The car has stock 15 inch rims. I wanted to do after market wheels, 15 inch with a drag slick. Problem is, the guy that tubbed the car is telling me that he tried one of his 15 racing wheels on the car for a fitting and said that the rim would not fit over the brakes. I don't understand? If the car has stock 15's then why won't the after market 15's work????

06-08-10, 08:57 AM
If your using drum brakes, which your car came with, they should fit. If you've gone to disk brakes the wheels may not fit, especially if they were older design.

06-08-10, 06:56 PM
Yeah, the car is all orginal. I just don't understand. It has 15 inch rims now. He has 15 weld racing rims that he was trying to match up to get an idea of how wide a tire I can run. He said he couldn't get it to fit. :wtf:

06-08-10, 07:25 PM
The drums can't be 15 inches accross so I don't know what would prevent a 15" wheel from going on unless it was the wrong bolt pattern.

06-09-10, 09:59 AM
Cadillac, like the big Buicks, uses a 5x5" bolt hole pattern. Perhaps the wheels didn't fit because his axels use a 4 3/4" bolt hole circle (GM) or 4 1/2" pattern (Ford/Chrysler).