: fuel pressure gage - anyone have one installed?

06-06-10, 08:31 PM
Hi guys,
I see fuel pressure gages online for our car. It states they install right to the "end" of the fuel rail. Would this be the end of the fueal rail looking at the engine on the driver side? There appears to be a threaded cap on the end of the factory rail.

anyone have one installed? Any notes on how to do it? or special tools? Is that where it would install on the rail? Do I need to do anything special to relieve pressure or worry about gas when taking the fitting out? Never worked with fuel before

I want to add one when I replace my LS6 intake manifold with a TPiS LS2 and 90mm TB and that seems like a good time to do it. Or am I just looking a problems?


06-06-10, 08:48 PM
hard to tell from the picture, but assuming they are the right adapter (more than likely it is) then all you need is a schrader valve tool from any auto parts store to remove the little pressure relieve (schrader) valve this just screws onto the rail. I had one on my camaro for a while, and will eventually be running one again. The schrader valve is the same thing as the little one in your tire valve stems, so they are located in the store next to tire repair items. Dont forget teflon for all the screw in connections, probably a 10 min job including the time it takes to open the beer afterward

edit: as for working with the fuel rail, just place a rag under the opening, and depress the valve to relieve the pressure (obviously with car off), make sure you are all ready to install every thing (all teflon'd up) then using the schrader valve tool, unscrew the valve and screw on the pressure guage. Once you have done this you will lose the abilty to relieve the fuel rail pressure prior to disconnecting the main line, however the rail will naturally bleed off the pressure once the car is off.

06-06-10, 08:54 PM
Why are you worried about fuel pressure?

06-07-10, 10:03 PM
Yeah, what jaskel said.

Too bad we don't have more room for the readouts to be displayed. In fact, I'm not a big fan of having to toggle between several display readings (e.g. tire pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, etc.) ... I mean, why not have a display with everything jammed all onto the dash?

Back to the point, IMHO, guyz with maggies especially (with and without MagnaVolts) really should have fuel pressure displays. If you're tuned with a given fuel pressure in mind, falling too far below that level could cause problems where a display would definitely be helpful.

06-07-10, 10:17 PM
I bought one...don't ask me why, but of course I forgot that I have FRC's which cover the gauge up...yup, so it's sitting in my toolbox....but like said, remove the schrader valve and screw it on, pretty straight forward. As far as fuel leaking out if your really worried about it you can pull the fuel pump relay under the back seat then crank the engine, that will relieve all the pressure in the system.

I remember my rationalization for blowing 30$....it'll look cool when I pop the hood, I'm an idiot.