: 06' sts-v project for sale

06-06-10, 11:34 AM
Well it seems I just do not have the time to put into this project. This Is what I have. 2006 silver w/all black interior sts-v that was a theift recovey. The car was not wrecked. The body and interior are in good shape.The orig. motor/trans seems to be the only things stolen.The car now has a reg. 4.6 nothstar and auto trans in it(not running). My plan was to sell the 4.6 motor/trans. then find a badly wrecked v doner car(savagebyard,copart,ect.) put the motor/trans in this car, And strip the rest of the wrecked one for spare parts or sell the parts off. I just do not have the time to fool wth it. I need to get $8,500. for the car or I will just work on it little by little till it is done. The only things I have seen on the body are that it will need a windshield, And repairs to the front and rear bumper covers from moving around the insurance yard.

this is the deal. Buy the car from me for $8,500. get a low mile total for $5,000. (a 07' with 37k miles hit bad in the rear sold on copart last month in Florida for $4,200.) Sell the 4.6 motor/trans for $1,800. and end up with a clean, running (but salvage title) sts-v with a ton of spare parts for about $12,000.- $13,000. total in it.
if you are interested in it P.M. me or send me an email at tino160@cox.net. (I need to get $8,500.for it so thats the price the car is located just outside New Orleans. thanks.)

06-06-10, 02:04 PM
The STS-V at copart in florida sold for $8,000....

06-06-10, 04:03 PM
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