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06-04-10, 05:50 PM
Before Bob calls me back I need to get a group agreement.

1) what package are we negotiating on?
I vote we keep it simple and go the "Snake Bite" option.

2) how many people can we count on really taking part in this deal?

I assume all those in on the deal will have the blowers dropped shipped from UCS to Bob?

06-04-10, 07:34 PM
I am on for the Snake Bite and some of the other things Coach has been blogging about.
You have my word on that.
The thrid think is up in the air, as I think I will never sell this car and I don't need a $2000 Blower just laying around (Stock) UCS is definately offering us a good deal, and for that I appreacate it but why not use the one on the car
right now. It would seem to be a 2000 vs 4000. I guess it my be important to have an additional blower, but ???????????

fast impala
06-05-10, 10:12 AM
I wanted an OEM blower for a spare, and 1250 is a damn good price. It would have to be a really good deal for me to do the P&P with him. Plus, it seems this HP upgrade is not going to be just plug and play. If you're going to have to install a catch can, bigger injectors, plus a tune, which was a given, I need to see if it's worth it for the HP.

It may not be. Just saying, I'm not sure I want to dump a ton of money for under 100 at the wheels.

I know it costs money to go fast, believe me, I know.:)

This is my DD, and I don't want to be constantly messing with it, if you know what I mean.:rolleyes:

06-05-10, 07:56 PM
Likewise, we need an actual price to shoot for, and probably proven dyno gains, before people can give you a "yes" or "no"

06-05-10, 08:36 PM
I'm going the steigmeier route, just waiting on coaches dyno results to get posted before i move forward with my snake bite purchase.:yup:

06-05-10, 08:36 PM
Likewise, we need an actual price to shoot for, and probably proven dyno gains, before people can give you a "yes" or "no"

Yes I agree with you....lets not get the donkey ahead of the cart. We need to know what we will be getting or not getting with various options if any.:confused:

06-05-10, 08:49 PM
Everyone who is thinking about getting the snake bite done should scope out steigmiers website.

06-06-10, 02:13 PM
I called stiegemeier last week and asked about a group buy. I wasn't able to talk too much with them as I was in the car on the way to Myrtle Beach, but they said the price would be in the range of $1295-1495 and would be lowered depending on how many people we could get in a group buy. I'm not sure exactly what the price included but I would assume it includes what Coach got as they said they wont know the exact price until they get his final results.

06-06-10, 03:29 PM
Well that makes since. I would like to do this mod, however if this is just the start of what will turn out to be a very complacited. Such as larger
injectors those kind of things. I know when I put in a Vortex SC in my Impala SS it required quite a bit of other parts to meet the demands of the SC. Example the car started with 24 lbs injectors and wound up with 52 lbs injectors, As I understand the Rods are not forged, the crank is and so is the pistons. But you may make more power with 30 over pistons. and will need a cam profile different from the current on. Dan is right when he said that this is a can of worms we are opening up here. Can the tranny, rear end. axels take that sort of tq. All these aspect need consideration. Admittedly My Impala SS went from making 260 HP to making over 770 at the rear wheel. The entire drive train need to be revised including installing Moser axels. None of the original impala SS drive train remained the same. It the snake bit and odds and ends winds
up being only and additional 100 hp or even 150 hp we may be able to slide by. For how long and it depends on how hard you push the car.
If you read the hyper links that Coach provided in his posts, than you saw there were other issues that needed to be dealt with. Last but certainly
not least we are dealing with a Northstar engine, Not a Chevy engine. Big difference When I built my 68AMX I had to make parts because they
just were not any parts being made for the car. I think there are even less parts being made for the Northstar engine. I don't wnat to sound like a downer on this project, because I am not. I just want you to be awere of what you are in for. Money talks and .......... That is one of the reasons I said on the GMPP thread that If you use this car as a daily driver than that should be a consideration in doing this mod. If I take this
car to the track and it breaks than it flat bed home and save for repairs and drive my Toyota or what ever. (I really don't own a Toyota) consider
very carefully how the car is going to be used. And than go forward with what you think is the best for yourself. I have the money to play with
but a lot of the guy comming into the STSV group now are buying cars that are high milage cars and if thay plain to Hot Rod them and drive them to work or school, well.........

06-06-10, 03:38 PM
Ps: I am not trying to start a arugment with anyone just trying to point out what needs to be said. I assume most of this Blowers moders wil have the resources to do as thay see
fit. As will I. Some will not and those are the people I am trying to address with my comments. I will be doing the mod and more than likely other aspects of the engine to meet the
demands of this mod. I just may very well need to make parts on my own to meet these needs. We shall see. PJ, Jamie, and I are trying to get front end bushings made for the STSV
So far it has been a challange and it will continue to be
No Problems, Just advice. I see the cars on ebay and the mileage on them and I see who the buyers are.

06-06-10, 10:19 PM
Im not convinced we need anything more than what we have....until there is some evidence.