: Made my wife happy, bought her a Caddie

Glen OS
08-28-04, 11:12 PM
Now, I have another car forum to check out. Bought her a 92 Coupe DeVille. Lt Blue/wh convertible roof, white leather w/blue trim, and a continental kit. Had 88k miles on it and is in great shape. This is her car and not one of my projects: 92 Olds Custom Cruiser, 91 VW Jetta, 70 GMC P/U(son's truck), and a 81 E-350 ambulance(wihich is For Sale). The only thing I can/want to do on the Caddie is maintenance. I will be doing struts/shocks. The posts have helped me decide on the Monroes.

08-29-04, 01:35 AM

My friend just put monroe's on his 1992 caprice, and the ride is so smooth. I've heard nothing but good stories about them. Good Luck.

Glen OS
08-29-04, 08:20 AM
Have to keep the smooth ride. The Olds is running on Bilstiens and it is stiff, the suspension is done on it and it will corner with the sports cars.

08-30-04, 10:17 AM
Welcome Glen!
Thanks for joining the forum! Sounds like a nice ride she has! Please post some pictures when you get a chance. (got to keep the ladies happy :shhh: ) Good luck.

09-06-04, 01:00 AM
Now, make me happy!!, '05 STS please. hahaha


Glen OS
09-07-04, 03:39 PM
I bought her a 92 and you expect someone to buy you a 05. Keep dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cookoo: