View Full Version : 96 Fleetwood: Cancle/Change power door unlock ignition/shifter controlled

06-03-10, 12:11 AM
I never asked and I have the FSM and the cilton but can't find this info.
I knew how to do it in my Devilles and Eldorado but I can't figure out how to change the PDL Power Door Lock from being unlocked by the shifter.

06-03-10, 12:41 AM
Ok to add to info:
1996 Fleetwood Brougham
I DO have the 2 book 1996 Fleetwood Factory Service Manual (FSM)
I DO have the Chilton.

I just want to cancel to unlock doors when shifting to park.

06-03-10, 01:11 AM
The following programming procedure is for the '93-'96 Fleetwood only. A different procedure is used on the Concours, Deville, Eldorado ETC, Seville SLS, & Seville STS models, which is available by clicking on: 1990-93 RKE Programming or 1994-95 RKE Programming or 1996-97 RKE Programming or 1998+ RKE Programming.

1. The ignition must be in the "run" position.
2. Find the programming connector that is hanging off a wire harness on the upper left side of the trunk by the left hand hinge. Its a 2-pin male connector with two black-with-white-stripe wires. (*)
3. When you short these two pins together with a screwdriver or shorting plug, the RCDLR will cycle the lock and trunk solenoids to confirm it is ready. This connector will need to remain shorted until your are finished programming the remotes.
4. Pressing any key (only once) on either remote will program that remote to the RCDLR. You will need to re-program both remotes once you begin the procedure. The RCDLR will only remember the last two (2) remotes programmed. Any transmitter codes that were previously programmed will be ereased.
5. The locks will cycle lock-unlock after each remote is programmed to confirm that it register its signal. Once the shorting plug is removed the alarm will sound for 1 second - this indicates that the system is ready. The system will not operate if the shorting plug is not removed.

To disable the automatic unlock-in-park feature:

1. After the last remote is programmed, but before you un-short the programming connector, press the following sequence three (3) times on a remote:
* lock, unlock, trunk
2. The RCDLR will cycle the door locks and trunk release solenoids three times to confirm at the end of the sequence.

To re-enable the unlock-in-park feature of, just repeat the above to reprogram the RCDLR to your remotes, but don't do the special three-button-three-times sequence.

You can match a transmitter to as many different vehicles as you own, provided they are equipped with exactly the same model system.