: 2000 deville dts rip

06-02-10, 10:12 PM
Well, maybe this should be in the Deville area, but I spend most of my time here, so:

My now 81 year old father bought a 2008 DTS in 2008, in MA, and sent out his 2000 to me in AZ, with the intention of me selling my '97 ETC, but I never got around to doing that somehow. So, we have 4 cars and 2 drivers and six months ago, Dad buys a place here in AZ and needs a car to get around, and I said " Here - take your car that you sent out to me and you drive it" Well, a week and a half ago he dozes off at wheel and plows into the back of a truck at a red light. No one was hurt - minor damage to the truck - he could not have been going too fast, because the air bags never went off - but the front end of the DTS went under the bumper of the truck and it got caved in pretty bad and we found out today it is totaled - too bad - only around 83 or 84K miles. I'm glad I kept the ETC, because now he is driving that. I think he's going back to MA this summer, and he will drive the '08 while he is there, and then send it out to drive in AZ next Fall.

06-02-10, 10:31 PM
To bad Tateos. Glad to hear that dad is OK. Was he just exhausted or is it maybe time to give up the keys? It could have been so much worse. Something to consider. My dad gave up the keys at 84. Fortunately, he knew it was time, but I know it was a very hard thing for him to do. I'm not looking forward to that day.

06-03-10, 06:47 PM
Thanks Ranger - he has been having trouble staying awake during the day, so he/we limited his driving to short trips, but this trip where he dozed off was only about 20 minutes. He has been going to a sleep center and met with his doctor again yesterday - he gave him some samples of a new prescription stimulant called NEWVIGIL - here is a link to some info for anyone that is interested:


06-03-10, 10:28 PM
I guess it's safe to say he is not driving back to MA.?

06-04-10, 06:24 PM
LOL - nope. And he didn't drive it out here - he had it shipped out a couple years ago. He did actually buy it new in Philadelphia in 1/2000 - he flew in and drove it back to MA - I think that's a good 6 hours drive, if I remember correctly. He bought the 2000 right when they first came out, and they were in short supply. He wanted the DTS in White Diamond and no sunroof and he wanted it right away because my brother needed a car , and my father wanted to give him his '95 Deville. Sooo, anyway, to get the car he wanted, right away, he had to get it from a dealer in Philly. They offered to drive it up to him - maybe even at no charge, but I thought that was risky; he would have had to buy the car sight unseen and then have a stranger drive his brand new car several hundred miles, so i thought it was better that he be the one to make the trip. He did fine with it, but that was 10+ years ago.

I just spoke to him today, his second day on the new meds, and he sounds all pepped up - maybe we finally found something that works for him.

06-10-10, 04:56 PM
sounds like a blood glucose disorder, is he diabetic/diabesic (overweight) or does he have metabolic syndrome?

Glad he is OK and noone got hurt! Sorry about your DTS :-(

06-11-10, 01:06 PM
Thanks for interest and the suggestion. Yeah, he is diabetic and overweight, but his blood glucose is well controlled, as measured by his daily testing, as well as his A1C readings. The new drug has really helped - actually eliminated his difficulty with staying awake. It's pretty amazing. A sleep disorder doctor he has been seeing for months prescribed the new meds - he saw his regular doctor this week - she said that the need for the meds points to something going wrong in his brain - it will take a neurologist to find out what's going on. He did already have a brain scan and it showed no readily apparent problems such a tumor or blood blockage, so if the meds continue to work for him, it might be best to just continue treatment. He is 81 1/2, so I'm sure there are lots of things wrong that could be found with enough testing.

Yeah, it's too bad about the car, but it's just a car, and I wasn't emotionally attached to it like my '97 ETC, that I have owned since new. Totaling that would definitely sting more. What I feel bad about the DTS is all the work I have done over the last 2 years to get it back to as good as reasonably possible for a now 10+ year old car. My father had owned and driven it for 8 years in MA, with only bare minimum service and I think he only washed it a few times a year. Sure, he did the oil changes, and fixed things that went bad, like the crank sensors, but I really did a lot to the car since it arrived in AZ. Some things that come to mind:

I spent many, many hours last Fall replacing every coolant hose on the car and flushing and re-filling the cooling system - also had to evac and re-charge the AC to do that. I replaced the infamous front motor mount. Of course, I replaced the fuel filter. Cleaned the throttle body. I removed, cleaned, re-gapped, and re-installed all the spark plugs. Flushed the brake system. Repaired several areas on the dash where the vinyl covering had lifted. The good thing is I was just about to replace front and rear brakes and rotors - never quite bought the parts. Oh, that reminds me, I do have a new GM air injection (engine emissions) pump I bought for that car that I was about to install - anyone need one, before I put it up for sale on e-bay?

06-11-10, 01:31 PM
a nice, normal A1c is great. If he's on insulin, it could me a matter of timing (perhaps didn't eat enough and insulin dropped the glucose too far). The healthiest method to get A1c down is to cut out most carbs (Except some vegetables high in fiber and low in starch: cauliflower, zuccini, squash, broccoli, spinach etc), not meds. This would result in weight loss and increased energy. But at 81 that may be too much to ask. Fasting triglycerides over 100 mean too many carbs are being consumed regularly.

06-11-10, 09:13 PM
Yeah - he eats all the wrong things - won't admit to it usually. He is on long acting as well as fast acting insulin. Sometimes the blood sugar is a little low when he first gets up, but usually not throughout the day. They try to keep his A1C around 7.0, and it's always there, +- .3

I'm 53 - my fasting BS is in the 90s - borderline, but my A1C has always been OK - 5.3 last time. I try to watch what I eat...most of the time. I stay away from refined sugars - I do eat most fruits (avoid watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple). I avoid all pasta and rice and potatoes - do eat whole wheat bread, and oatmeal. I usually stay away from deserts, obviously. I cheat occasionally. I have a hyperthyroidism problem, so I've been seeing an endocrinologist, and he tells me I'm not a diabetic, but with my family history, we both think it can't hurt to try to be a little careful now. I'm not super strict - it's working for me so far - someday I may need to work harder at it. I don't think my father became a diabetic until maybe his 60s.

06-17-10, 01:32 PM
That's a great A1c. The only problem with the current approach to diagnosing diabetes is that once you're diagnosed, it's too late.

I think the problem is insulin-sensitivity goes south (for an estimated 75%) tremendously when one eats carbohydrates all the time. The cells get used to insulin being present all the time and they down-regulate their sensitivity. This triggers an even greater output of insulin to lower BG (blood glucose), and so far all is well in terms of BG and therefore A1c. The problem is this keeps getting worse (and the spare tire gets bigger as a result, for many... for others it may be less evident). Then the inevitable happens: the pancreas can no longer keep up with the demand of insulin, and BG stays higher.

How much sugar (blood glucose) is dissolved in our ~ 10 pints of blood, for a non-diabetic**? Answer: 0.8 teaspoons.
What about a diabetic? Answer: 1.2 teaspoons.

How much sugar is in one potato? Answer it becomes 1/2 cup of sugar. Where does it all get dumped? into the bloodstream! Insulin squirts out of the pancreas and the cells open to intake the surplus. It's a delicate balance!

**From http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/sugar-and-sweeteners/a-spoonful-of-sugar/

Here is a post from earlier that you may find interesting:


06-17-10, 06:17 PM
thx - interesting stuff