: Need Some Help/Advice/Opinions (Lowering/Tires) Mightymouse feel freel to help!

06-02-10, 07:23 PM
Alright Guys, Im running 275/35 r 19s in the rear and 245/40 r 19s in the front. I am rubbing for some reason in the right rear?? not sure why? Any Ideas?? The car has stock suspension except for the BMR rear bushings. Not sure why I am rubbing... I have the car torn down right now doing some work to it and was looking into doing the H&R springs with the mighty mouse spacer kit. What size tires are yall running with this set up?? I saw mighty mouse post below and that car is a little too low for my taste. And also whats the best all around tire out there right now??? Ive been searching but it looks like no one can come to an agreement on which is which.

I'm fixing to put new rubber in the rear.. And do the H&R springs and the spacers by mighty mouse. So feel free to help me out in any which way you can!! Part numbers etc..


06-02-10, 07:42 PM
Where in the rear is it rubbing? And do you know the offset of your wheels? 275 width tires, in general, should not cause the rubbing...

06-06-10, 04:19 PM
Off set of the wheels on my CCWs are....

Front - 19x8.5 with 6.45 in backspacing
Rear - 19x10 with 7.4 in backspacing

I am looking into some Iforged wheels right now and the guy I spoke with at Iforged said he can change the back spacing a hair to where I have a 2.5 inch lip in the front instead of a 1.5 inch lip. and A 3.5 in lip in the rear instead of a 2.5 in lip and they still clear the calipers and still fit fine.. Is this possible??

Im thinking I may have been rubbing due to the toe rod not aligned good enough? It May be the case...

06-06-10, 07:53 PM
But where in the rear tire area is it rubbing?

06-08-10, 05:47 PM
Sorry for the nastyness the car has been apart for a few days while I do some work.. but here is where i'm rubbing.. Im gonna assume it was the suspension alignment.. it doesnt rub as long as I dont hit a big G out spot or bump.. But the car is stock height and I'm wanting to lower it so I assume my problem will get WORSE!!

help me out here!!


06-08-10, 08:15 PM

06-08-10, 08:16 PM
But I don't see how an alignment could cause that much rubbing. Have you noticed a sloppy ride in the back? Maybe a shock going bad?

06-08-10, 08:17 PM

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06-08-10, 09:32 PM
No, No rough ride at all!! rides killer, only thing is maybe a wheel out of balance around 70 mph , but thats not my case as far rubbing.. I donno what it is..

06-09-10, 11:45 PM
I need mighty mouse's email.. and also need some help here.. I'm fixing to pull the trigger and order some stuff!!! help me out guys!