View Full Version : Cant remove interior pass, panel 92 delegance brough

06-02-10, 12:48 AM
Whats up fellas my door handle broke the chrome one. I have a 92 delegance brougham, i can get the bottom loose up to the handle but cant get the lower off the top piece. i hope i explained it good i spent 2 hours and got no where. thanks.

06-02-10, 09:37 AM
In my 87 there are 2 screws holding the "chrome" handle housing on and then also 2 more screws under that handle that you pull to close the door...not sure the official name for it.

Did you get those screws out?

06-02-10, 09:45 AM
If your talking about the inside door handle
theres two screws in the cup behind the handle
you have to take off the window/lock control panel
to do that, you take off the courtesy light cover
you will see a little screw screwed into the bottom of the window switch piece
the other srew for the window switch is behind the cup for the handle.
after those are out, you can pull the window switch out, it unclips but try not to break it, then unplug it
after thats out, you will see two more screws that hold the panel to the door
then there are two more big screws under the bigger pull handle
and those three little screws down by the seatbelt.

I think your stuck at the window switch panel. Just take off the light cover and look up, you'll see a little screw and the other is by the door handle.

hope that helps, if you can understand my wording, may be kinda confusing.

06-04-10, 02:39 AM
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! thats exactly what i needed I was stuck @ the window switch piece like you said. Thanks again