: 5k rpm limit in 1st gear?

06-01-10, 03:22 PM
Sorry if this has been asked already, I searched and couldn't find anything...

Yesterday I was going to try a WOT to see if any junk came out the exhaust. I was on a quiet highway, but had it in manual 2nd so I wouldn't be breaking any speed limits by a ridiculous amount lol. Anyway, I started from a stop and gently accelerated, then gradually gave it full throttle. I must have not been fast enough, because I got a kickdown back to 1st. But I noticed in 1st it only reved up to 5k and then shifted to 2nd. In 2nd (and 3rd) it will rev to the redline with no problem. Tried it a 2nd time later on and it did the same thing.

Is this normal operation? I can't figure out why it wouldn't redline in 1st.

06-01-10, 03:33 PM
If you did not have your foot to the floor it may shift before redline.

had it in manual 2nd so I wouldn't be breaking any speed limits by a ridiculous amount
Don't count on that. It'll reach around 80 MPH in 2nd gear.

06-01-10, 04:12 PM
Yep, load dependent shifting.........The "kickdown back to first" may be the answer: If you're gong to do a Stick in 2 WOT, the trick is to barely get rolling and then try to push your foot through the firewall and leave it there. The engine should accelerate to 6,300 rpm and shift to 2. Just as you reach 6,000 in 2 flip your foot off the gas and let the engine pull the car all the way back down to 20 or so. If the road is clear, do it again. You'll hit over 70 in this process. If you miss the 2nd gear redline point the transmission will simply shift to 3. You can't break anything.

One split second of gas pedal release and the MAP and TPS signals will shift the transmission. Shiftpoints are a combination of speed, rpm, engine load, and transmission programming. In almost any rpm band, you "lighten the load" and it will shift.

06-01-10, 06:01 PM
Ah, okay, thanks! That's probably it then, I didn't really stomp it.

At least the good news is that nothing really came out of the exhaust. Oil consumption has always been about a quart every 1000 miles, so maybe not much room for improvement at this point (the previous owner had the worst driving habit... start, 2 miles to work, stop, repeat 8 hours later).

I do have a "lifter tick" at cold start that worries me a bit, but goes away as soon as the engine is warmed. Read about the carbon knock, not sure this is it or not, but thought I would try the WOT treatment.

06-01-10, 06:09 PM
Run the snot out of it for a while, and don't overfill the oil: FULL is halfway up the dipstick hashmark, no higher. There's a GM Oil Consumption TSB on this.

I get 4,500 miles to a quart of 5W-30 Pennzoil Platinum, so decent oil consumption is not impossible.

I'll bet your "lifter tick" is the beginnings of cold carbon rap. Your car uses roller cam followers with static hydraulic lash adjusters: there's nothing to "tick".

EDIT ...Do this: find a 20 oz. jug of Chevron TECHRON, dump it in the tank and fill with Shell, Texaco, Caltech, or Chevron 91/93 octane. Drive for 30 - 40 miles. NOW do a couple of WOT's - the real, balls-to-the-wall high load kind as outlined above. Why?? Google "chevron techron" and "top tier gasoline" for some rainy day reading.

06-01-10, 08:15 PM
Right, I know it's not actually a lifter, but it's that kind of light ticking. Comes from the front of the engine, can't really pinpoint where. Don't even hear it in the car. If I open the hood and listen, can't hear it on top of the engine. Only when it's running and I walk around the front. Almost not there in summer weather, but increases in noise and duration the colder the ambient. Always gone within a mile or two. This past winter started it on a 20 degree day and it sounded like a cacophony of lifters ticking until it warmed for a few minutes.

I'll do that with the Techron... I've used that before, it quieted my old small block Chevy (well, aside from its other issues... but that's another story). I'm sure this engine is well carboned... the PO's mechanic filled the oil to double the Max mark to keep her from seeing a "low oil" warning. I keep it about the bottom of the hash marks, to halfway up the hash marks.

Would be really nice if I didn't have to add a quart every 1k miles, because it doesn't leak any oil. I mean, the aforementioned sbc is 30 years old and I don't add a drop between oil changes. Maybe I can get some better results with this N*.

Thanks again for all the advice, I'll give that a try and see what happens :)

06-01-10, 10:04 PM
I would bet a regular WOT treatment will decrease that oil consumption. Just do it as instructed.

06-07-10, 11:15 AM
Both mine have shifted at around 5k if the traction is engaged, with the shifter in 2. That doesnt necessarily mean the wheels were spinning...

06-07-10, 07:44 PM
That could be it, I never turn off traction control. Actually haven't had the car out lately, haven't tried any more WOTs. I'll have to see what happens next time I'm on a quiet road.