: Custom Iphone Dock

06-01-10, 11:22 AM
Here is my custom ipphone dock. I just got my '07 a month ago and noticed that my iphone would rest nicely in the ash tray and lean against the lid. I can now charge, listen to audio and watch video. Here is what I used:

1) Gigaware™ Composite A/V Cable for iPod from radio shack

2) A mini usb car charger: this plugs into the gigaware cable to allow charging

3) In line ground loop isolator to eliminate noise.

That is really all you need if you want to feed the cord out the back of the cup holder tray and plug it into the aux inputs in the center console.

I Decided to use the GMX 322 lockpick so I could see video on the front screen. I also used a blackberry stereo bluetooth gateway that I plugged into the second input so I can output audio from my ipad.

I used a dremel to make the hole for the cable. I took the plastic cover off the end of the usb charging cable because it was interfering with the angle of the phone. I then used epoxy to secure the cables. While it was setting I taped in place. The phone rests perfectly in the charger and is supported by the lid. The cable is low enough that the lid can still close. I pulled the cigarette lighter out of the mounting hole and found a cap that would cover the hole.

If I sell the car I can put the lighter back and the ash tray can be put back in and you would never notice anything was done.

06-01-10, 12:49 PM
Nice job. Pro Clip makes some ok holders I had this one for a whilehttp://www.proclipusa.com/?sectionpath=383&pageid=11997&processor=content&pcategoryid=12914&categoryid=12915&year=2010&lightwindow=true&usermode=_dualselect&v_pcat=12914&v_cat=12915&year=2010&d_pcat=13759&d_cat=17526&have_holder=false&have_mount=false&p_pageid=1&dtype=

06-01-10, 09:20 PM
Very Nice work! Good job

06-01-10, 09:21 PM
Very Nice Work! Good Job

06-20-10, 11:25 AM
looks really good..!!

06-21-10, 06:14 PM
Nice an Clean! Good job. If you get the new iPhone I bet you are hoping it will hook up the same way.

06-23-10, 04:21 PM

06-25-10, 11:52 AM
I got the new I phone and it fits. The only issue is that because it is thinner it does not lean against the lid. I will have to install a machine screw underneath the lid to prevent it from opening too far. I have had no issues with this set up.