View Full Version : CRACKED DASH ADVICE NEEDED 93-96 Brougham

06-01-10, 10:15 AM
My pristine previously Palm Beach driven 94 FWB got the crap kicked out of it by it's 1st cold NY winter. My previously flawless dash top grew two 6 inch cracks in the cold weather. One from the center vent to the windshield, another between the airbag and the center vent.

If I could find a new one (beige), I would buy one but that has been impossible. My vinyl repair guy said that repairing it will only be a temporary fix. I do NOT want a carpeted mat on my dash either. My thought is to remove it, repair the cracks and recover it in new vinyl. I recently recovered my interior B pillars in beige vinyl and they look pretty good.

Any advice on removing the dash would be appreciated.


06-01-10, 12:02 PM
Oh no. :( I love your car. It's a shame it got cracked up.

I would lean toward the repair and re-cover route myself. Or see if thefleetwoodguy has a good dash (but I doubt it, they're quite rare).

06-01-10, 05:43 PM
Only fix that will look good will be a new dash. If you know a REALLY good upholstery guy, he can cover the dash with foam, then re-skin with vinyl. This was done on my 71, and it looks great. All the seams were french stitched. Your Cadillac dash would be easier to do because it is so flat, but will still be lots of work to recover.

06-01-10, 05:51 PM
May be your ride is the only one that I like about the color wise . I can concur with our friends' advice .In old British Cars those pieces made from wood may be that would look cool too .

06-01-10, 06:12 PM
i had the same cracks, there are only 2 proper ways to fix it and 1 has been said of stripping it down, refoam and vinyl wrap it. if you wrap vinyl over the old material patched ot not you will have problems

for mine i fiberglassed and smoothed the dash and painted it to match the car

06-01-10, 07:09 PM
Now I'm not suggesting you use these guys, merely try and find someone in your neighbourhood using the same technology. I can assure you these guys did an amazing job on the dash of my 76 Corvette. They did the reupholstering after the LHD to RHD conversion and it just looked like a brand new dash. Completely vacuum formed with NO stitching whatsoever.