: help with tie rod removal 68 DeVille

05-31-10, 06:42 PM
Does anyone know how to remove a tie-rod from the drag arm when the tie rod puller fails (it crushed the tie rod end), heat fails to liberate it, penetrating oil does not work, and air hammer does not work?

I am removing drag arm. So far i have been able to get the lef side tie rod off, and the idler arm. I have not tried to remove the pitman arm yet, and i cnnot get the right side tie rod-drag link connection separated. Removed cotter pin and nut, tried tie rod puller. It crushed the threaded end of the tie rod - my bad - it was not centered perfectly. i tried heat from torch, have tried penetrating oil, and have banged on it with a hammer. At this point the tie rod end has to be replaced due to damaging the threaded end, so i tried cutting the threaded end off flat with the drag link and then hammering on it with an air hammer. I still cannot get it out.

before i resort to drilling it out of the drag arm, does anyone have other ideas?

06-03-10, 08:42 AM
by continuing to alternate between heat from torch and using the tie rod end puller i was finally able to get it out. now i just have to rebuild the tie rod end