: weird sounds from torque converter/flywheel

05-31-10, 08:23 AM
keep in mind that these noises were present before car was parked "x" number of months ago.......
so last week I did an oil change on the 79 cdv d'elegance after being non driven in ? (forgot) so once that was done, I tried numerous to fire it up and no luck...sprayed starting fluid and pressed the accelerator numerous times and nothing, once it fired had to keep my foot on the accelerator otherwise it'll stall and again will have a hard time starting it up (that's another issue I have) so once running, it still has those noises when it was parked and I assumed it was the engine (that's why it was parked) but now hearing it again it's not coming from there. So took it down to get a safety inspection and passed (only requires safety on 25 and older cars in texas) and was told by the dudes there that the sounds is coming from the torque converter....
while drivng it, those sounds will go away but still audible but not as loud when idiling in neutral or red light stop sign and it is present too when trying to start it up.
Anyone heard of this being the cause? If so how can I check this out..:confused:
Yrs back I had an 80 FWB d'elegance coupe and had noises, the way they checked to see if it was engine or trans was to disengage the flywheel; if it was flywheel then it would stop, but it didn't. Can I do the same to the 79?
Sorry so long; any help I would appreciate it, would hate to see the 79 go for junk if sold.:crying:

05-31-10, 01:03 PM
You have a 425 engine & THM400 transmission? Seems like, you ought to take it to a transmission shop & ask if they can fix it. I would insist they rebuild your original & put it back in the car, NO SHIFT KITS. And KEEP the wavy plates in the clutch packs. The 400 is a great trans, not hard to deal with. Bruce Roe

06-03-10, 09:27 PM
If the noise is more noticable in park and its a ticking, not whining noise, pull the flywheel cover off and look for rust streaks on the flywheel. Common for the flywheel (flexplate) to crack where it mounts to the rear of the crankshaft. The cracks rust and leave these streaks. If its a whining noise, then either its a torque converter or the trans front pump. OR the fluid is low OR the in trans filter is partially plugged up.

06-05-10, 10:00 PM
If your stator starts tearing itself up, you will hear a sound like marbles rolling inside a chamber of oil as you change engine speed. A ticking or loud cracking sound could be a cracked flexplate. If one of the three bolts that hold the torque converter to the flexplate have snapped or come loose, it will almost sound like a rod knock. Take the inspection cover off and check it out. You can't hurt anything doing that.