View Full Version : engine has a big miss!

05-31-10, 04:30 AM
Hello broughs i have a 1992 d'Elegance Brougham with 167k miles that my dad gave me thats in very nice condition. I have 2 problems 1st it has a profound miss even though plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter, PCV, oil change pretty much the easy stuff. Throughout all speeds highway n slow it has a miss dont want to take it to a shop cause shop hours @85+ to find a problem is crazy!!!
The only thing i can think of is the timing is off slightly!?! 167K is alot but she been babied....what yall think??
2nd problem is my door handle broke on the interior passenger front, ordered a new one and i CANNOT remove door panel for SHIT!?!?! I have the very lower half loose but right above the door handle its stuck ANY advice would be AWESOME!!! thanx fellas LOVE the site!:cheers:

06-09-10, 06:09 PM
Misfires or similar problems can be caused vacuum leaks, a restricted exhaust system, improperly grounded ignition coil, spark noise interference with the EST wiring harness, loose connections/broken wires in the ignition circuit, improper ignition timing, and bent push rods.

I recommend you purchase a Cadillac Factory Service Manual, so you can better diagnose the issue. Click here (http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=1992+Cadillac+Brougham+service+manual+&_cqr=true&_nkwusc=1992+Cadillac+Brougham+service+manal&_rdc=1) for a list of Service Manuals on eBay.

06-10-10, 08:41 AM
For the door panel, try a door panel removing tool. It looks like a screw driver with short forks on the end of it to get underneath the clips and pry them out safely.

Though you may need another reference to find out where the clips actually are.