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05-30-10, 11:09 PM
1996 Fleetwood

Every now-and-then, when I turn off the car, I cannot lock it. Key fob clicks don't register (no trunk, lights, locks, nothing). The lock switch on the door will lock the doors, but they immediately start slowly unlocking themselves while making a clicking sound. I can watch the locks slowly bounce to the unlock position with the bounces corresponding to the clicks. They move about 1mm or so each bounce. Once the doors are unlocked, they stop and you're right back to square one with the key fob doing nothing. I can repeat this process.

The only remedy I've found was to turn the car back on and then off. When i do, the key fob works and all is back to normal for a while. (I need to see if only the accessories on works, but somehow didn't think about that)

I checked the fuses after the first time this happened. All were fine.

But, after that, as second problem started and I wonder if it's related. Sometimes when I turn off the car the doors stay locked and the alarm turns on. Of course, my key fobs are temperamental, so I have to hit the unlock button on the door to get out, which sets off the alarm. Annoying. Get out, put key in door to turn off alarm....

I've heard it's likely the remote module in the car could be the culprit for all my problems. Does that sound right? If so, what exactly is that part called? I checked rockauto.com and AutoZone with no returns for any search I did having to do with remote keyless module. How do I get this part and where is it located in the car?

Other suggestions welcome, including at least disabling the alarm entirely, though that won't solve the my-car-likes-to-unlock-itself problem or the remotes not working 90% of the time problem.

05-31-10, 06:29 AM
That happened twice on my Caddie . You can also do this :
Unplug the neg battery cable and wait 15 mins and re plug it .

05-31-10, 09:24 AM
Yeah, hitting the key is easier and works for mine. Over at the Impala SS forums, there was just a thread that answers most of my questions. I'm hoping he responds with info like part number, where he bought it, etc. He said it was over $200. Hoping to find one at a recycler or somewhere cheaper than that.