View Full Version : 100 watt foglight bulbs keep burning out

05-29-10, 11:43 PM
I bought a set of 100 watt foglight bulbs to put in my Escalade after about a day they burn out. I bought them off of eBay and they only cost like $8. Is it that they are cheap bulbs or can they not handle 100 watt bulbs. I have put 2 sets in both the same make and they all went out. Street Glow has a set of 100 watt bulbs that cost from $20 up to $40 do you think they would work better? How many watts are the factory foglight bulbs?
Any help

05-30-10, 09:45 AM
Sounds like you got what you paid for...

What bulb type was it? H8s maybe?

It's not listed in the owner's manual, which only states the wattage rating for the license plate bulbs (which is 5W FYI...). The manual states that the dealer needs to service any other light than those listed. If I were to guess they're likely 35W.

Just because the bulb fits doesn't mean you should use it...if it is in fact a 35W (or possibly even lower, it's unlikely that it'd be higher) then frying the bulb is the car's way of telling you that melting the wiring harness is next. If you're a sucker for punishment and throwing money away, put in another set of 100W bulbs and grab the wiring harness near the fog light assembly...the excessive heat means "you're doing it wrong..." Care to guess which the cheaper lesson is...cheap arse eBay bulbs or Cadillac fog light wiring harness???

Funny this post came up because changing out the fog lights for a HIGH quality bulb (like Hoen, PIAA, etc.) was on my list of things to do...an $8 eBay special is not however...

Good luck!

05-30-10, 11:35 AM
I hear what you are saying, all I normally use is PIAA bulbs but saw those bulbs on eBay and said for $8 why not give it a shot and now I see what I get. I never buy cheap stuff and am not sure why I did this time. So do you think the foglights can handle 100watts if it is a good bulb? But I did use the right bulb it was a H10/9145 bulb

05-30-10, 01:50 PM
Nope...too much draw/amperage for the wiring if it is indeed a 35W...what did the stock bulb say on the base? You definitely don't want to draw/pull current through wiring it's not rated for!

05-30-10, 05:37 PM
I probably gonna try the Hoen (H10) xenonmatch shown HERE (http://www.hoen-usa.com/fog.htm).

Looks like H10s are typically rated @ 42W, which would make sense for a fog light application.

You can go yellow too for a true fog; that would look good on a tuner car, a Escalade, maybe not so much...

06-01-10, 06:53 AM
Years ago we sold import bulbs in high wattage, it was such a nightmare with all the burned out bulbs, as said you get what you pay for, if the bulbs lasted you would probably melt the fog light housing, this has happened to several members