: 1984 coupe door speaker install

05-28-10, 04:33 PM
Hey everyone,

I got my 84 coupe and my stock speakers just blew out so time for an upgrade. I'm planning on replacing all the stock speakers but want to add some 6.5's in the door. I am trying to get a hold on how much work it is going to take to rip open the door and wire the whole thing up. If anyone has done it please briefly go through the necessary steps so I can decide on my next course of action.

And just to make sure rears are 6x9's and fronts 4x6's......

Thanks All

05-28-10, 04:51 PM
Do you have the package that has the door speakers? If not, some caddys came with packages with a door speaker setup, not sure if it was an option for your year. You got the sizes right. I rock pioneer. Not sure what size hole is in your door.

Angry Matt
05-28-10, 05:55 PM
You have to cut a hole in the door panel with a razor and then open up the hole that's behind the door panel so the speaker will fit in. I used a metal blade on my jigsaw and it took about 30 seconds. I also used a 3/4 inch piece of ply and cut it into a ring and sandwiched it between the door panel and the door. This gives you more surface to screw the speaker to and spaces the speaker out so the window won't hit the magnet. Fish the wires through the rubber boot and that's about it. 6.5 is about the largest you can go without any other fabrication, just try to get the speaker as close to the bottom corner as possible so it fits on the carpeted part and doesn't hit the armrest. This is the only pic of mine that I have in the computer, they look better now with the grills I have on them. Door speakers made a major improvement in the overall sound of the stereo.


05-28-10, 06:38 PM
I was thinking about putting some kick panels with mid bass drivers in my brougham , and i'll eventually see if i can make some room underneath the dashboard for bigger than 4x6 speakers. but seeing your door speakers might have changed my mind.

05-29-10, 02:40 PM
Thanks man looks like I'll get to work this weekend!:)

08-16-10, 03:38 PM
Just to let everyone know, in my 1984 coupe deville the rear speakers are actually 4x9's stock, now I have to jerry rig something...

Angry Matt
08-16-10, 06:58 PM
How about something like this. I've used similar ones for years without any problems.


Ebay's got them for like $10.

Robin Banx
08-16-10, 09:58 PM
I was going to replace the dash top speakers in my 83 FWB with a better quality speaker. I checked with United Auto Sound in Vancouver and the resident stereo genius told me not to get speakers with large magnets for the dash top as the bigger magnet will interfere with the speed sensor in the speedometer below. I took his advice and left them alone because if the speed sensor signal to the ECM is corrupted, who knows what other problems may crop up.
I chickened out and didn't do anything.
Just my two cents worth......Cheers, R.

08-16-10, 10:01 PM
There is no speed sensor in the speedometer. It is mechanically driven by a cable.

08-17-10, 08:21 PM
For good sounding 4x6s I would try to find Polk DBs I worked at Circuit City for 4 years selling and installing car audio and they are by far the best 4x6s I've ever heard. The infinity kappas are nice as well but not as good and they cost more. They also don't fit as many cars and have a smaller surface area. I personally would not add the speaker to the door without getting a custom kick panel or enclosure done as to me that looks really tacky and ghetto rigged otherwise. It also may get moist or sound bad installed that way but not sure as I have only once installed speakers that way. The rear speakers you can actually cut out the sheet metal for a 6x9 in most cases if you measure the clearance from the torsion bars for the trunk.

08-18-10, 02:37 PM
Never installed Door Speakers, but in concept it shouldn't be that difficult. I could never bring myself into cutting any of my panels, but I HAD mounted speakers beneath the panels in the rear of the car, as well as 4 subwoofers under the bier table. I guess I never needed door speakers when I had two speakers behind the front seats and another set directly behind my head/the passenger's head. I've never HAD a trunk, but if I did, I highly doubt I'd mount Hoffa Speakers in there, because most people prefer riding in the seats, not the trunk.