: What have I done?!?

SS from the "Wood"
05-28-10, 01:58 PM
So I'm out toolin' around Wednesday afternoon, spirited driving of course, when at the time I decide that a powershift is a high priority... I grab 3rd w/ clutch still engaged (about 4K or so), and then 4th too. When I released the clutch pedal it felt really spongey, and then it recovered after I backed off of it a little.

Now I have a nasty vibration at the pedal while standing still. My car has about 46K miles on it, and has seen some lead footed driving, but loads of highway mileage, especially lately. It's wierd because I only notice the vibration (felt through the sole of my shoe) before I press in the pedal to go into 1st. I don't notice while I'm driving, but the car doesn't feel right.

I got under it at the gas station this morning because I can also hear a faint rattle/grinding noise from inside, and thought I might hear it better from outside. I checked and added some fluid to the clutch resevoir, as it was low, but that didn't seem to do anything for the vibration. At least not in the short trip from the station to my office.

I feel like maybe my stock MM's could be to blame, but to what extent? I do have a set of CS ultra's I plan to finally install next week, along w/ one of their soft tranny mounts.

Any ideas as to what's happened here? I wanna drive the crap out of it, and break it so I'll know what it is that I did. Probably not the recommended cure but what else can I do besides :banghead:


05-28-10, 02:27 PM
Its possible that the motor mounts are shot. If they are shot you will notice more vibration feedback from the engine so that might translate interior vibes. Are you dieseling (shuddering) on shut down?

Best thing to do is jack the car up and inspect the motor mounts and see if they're cracked or if hydraulic fluid is leaking from them.

As for the clutch pedal, if it starts feeling spongy, you probably heated the clutch fluid with the spirited driving.

SS from the "Wood"
05-28-10, 02:33 PM
oh, i know the stock mounts are bad... hence the replacements from creative steel... just haven't had "creative" time to put them in! Stockers have been bad for a while, so that's why I'm not placing full blame on them, as this just started happening after this incident.