View Full Version : 26 inch + my 3500 pound boat rubbing issues ????

05-28-10, 12:39 AM
will it rub when i will backing up with my wakeboard boat loaded up on the back of my escalade ?

Some people said that only with 26's when they backup in their driveway it rub a lil bit, me when i will be loaded like that and i will be at the boat ramp what should i expect ?

im going with 295' tires.... any opinions or advices will be really really appreciated

thanks a lot guys


05-28-10, 06:09 PM
I'm not exactly sure on the 26" part but the air suspension should level the back on a trailer that light. I'm double the weight and it doesn't sag at all.

05-28-10, 06:54 PM
to be honest.... its not the back that rubs its the front when you turn. The back might have a very lil rub but its a small plastic piece that it hits... trust me nothing to worry about. Mine rubbed more when I lowered it but again.. nothing to worry about. Drove a few miles with the rub and it went away. Didnt feel like triming it down... the tire took care of it for me :highfive:

Mine does just fine lowered (4inches)with 26z and a loaded trailer at the boat ramp. My air ride still works just fine also. It picks up when I add the trailer.

You shouldnt have any problems... I havent