: Free mufflers and axle!

05-27-10, 07:45 PM
I have a pair of OEM CTS-V mufflers with tips that were given to me for free so I would like to pass the deal on to you. Just pay shipping (less then $50) and its yours.

I also have one OEM driver side axle assembly with 18k miles on it. You pay shipping (around $30) and it's yours. The kicker on this one is that it is in my parent's garage in NW Indiana. I should be up there this weekend to get it but otherwise it may have to wait a couple weeks. First person to pay shipping gets it as soon as I pick it up.

PM me if you are interested. I am going to my shipper tomorrow afternoon and would love to get these mufflers out of my living room.

05-27-10, 08:48 PM
PM sent on axle.....

05-28-10, 10:10 AM
Arghh! - I can't send PM's but am very interested in the mufflers. If you PM me with a number I can call you or you can call me at 970-584-9581 (moderator - I don't mind my # being on forum). Thanks,


05-28-10, 02:08 PM
Mufflers are pending right now and axle is spoken for.