: Final Drive Ratios for V8 ?

Chuck C
08-27-04, 09:04 PM
I am confused about the final drive ratios offered on the V8 and their respective "package"

From the site:

1st - 3.42:1
2nd - 2.21:1
3rd - 1.60:1
4th - 1.00:1
5th - 0.76:1
Reverse - 3.02:1
Final drive ratio - 2.73:1, 3.23:1, 3.42:1 (RWD); 3.23:1 (AWD)

2.73:1 = standard? 3.23:1 = Luxury Performance? etc?

Plus, can the gearing for the five gears be the same with the different FDR mentioned? :hmm:

Geno Castellano
08-28-04, 12:20 AM
The gear ratios in each gear are for the transmission only. The final drive ratio is a separate gear set in the rear differential gear set. For the total drive ratio in any gear multiply the transmission gear ratio by the final drive ratio. The transmission gear ratios themselves do not change with the different final drive ratios but the overall gear ratio changes with each different final drive ratio.