: Lockpick volume problem

05-26-10, 03:53 PM
I bought a used (I know, I know) lockpick for my 2008 STS-V. Everything works great except my system volume is less than half of normal. If I crank it all the way up, it is not loud enough at highway speeds to enjoy.
Anyone had this problem? Any solutions? Thoughts? (other than I'm a dumbass for buying a used one)
Email me please, if you've got a solution.


05-26-10, 04:03 PM
Is it from the RCA cables or the DVD player?

My guess would be a loose wire in the harness.. They looked like could be pulled loose if yanked too hard, and being used, it probably has been pulled on quite a few times. Also, you may want to check the positions of the switches on the black box.. not sure if that would do anything. If you have a mute button they should all be up except #5 should be down.

I'm still waiting on getting mine back from Tomm. Even though I had a mute button, it would flash on and off if you hit any button 4 times. So hes sending me a new harness with the external button.

05-26-10, 08:58 PM
Thanks. I pulled it out to double check. The dip switches were correct, however, i found 2 loose wires in their harness to the gray connector. I soldered them and voila, it works!
Everything works ok, I think. Is it normal for the GPS position to no update while in the over ride mode? The made turns around the compass, but the position doesn't change until i take it out of over ride mode. Normal or not?
Thanks all!

05-27-10, 12:04 PM
Yes, that is normal, the GPS is off while in lockpick mode. Takes a few seconds to recalibrate once you turn if off. I am really looking forward to being able to input addresses while moving, then switch the lockpick off to let the navi start guiding. My BMW used to let me input/change directions while moving, I havent come across another car that will allow that. Which is very useful for my daily business.

Bee iLL
05-27-10, 01:39 PM
Takes more than a few seconds. I think the quickest I've ever had it re-sync is 30 seconds, most of the time around a minute or 2. Depends on how far you traveled when u had the lockpick enabled. I have even been in Chicago where it would not reconnect at all, most likely due to satellite interference with the tall buildings... After driving around for 15 minutes, I finally found the address on my own before the GPS kicked in.

05-27-10, 04:07 PM
Gotta upgrade that onboard RAM.. :bouncy:

06-08-10, 09:18 PM
How do i upgrade the ram? After fixing the volume problem, the next problem began. It would go into the "over ride" mode on it's own. If you were navigating and not paying attention, you wouldn't know that the map is not moving. It rotates but doesn't actually move the position. Anyone else have this problem?

Bee iLL
06-09-10, 02:44 PM
I'm pretty sure he was joking about upgrading the onboard RAM... Nope, don't have that problem. Possibly a bad toggle switch? Or make sure the wires for the switch are not exposed or pinched anywhere. Sounds to me like it thinks the toggle switch is being activated.

06-11-10, 01:27 PM
Yea, I was just joking.. but more seriously.. why dont they bump of the processing speed in navi units? All companies have such a delay, it gets so irritating typing in addresses (I do it 5 times a day for work). I think Lexus probably has the best Ive seen, but its still so delayed.

So your new problem is it will automatically turn on and off? I had a problem like that, but it was caused by hitting any buttons 4 times.. like nexting a radio station or switching the source, it even did it using the on screen navi buttons. It didnt have to be 4 quick clicks of the same button, it could be 4 clicks throughout a few minutes to turn it off. I was able to tell because I had my radar hardwired to the unit, so it kept switching on and off.

Tomm said that some '07's had this problem, even if it has a mute button, like mine does. He was supposed to be sending me a new harness with the physical button two weeks ago... speaking of which I got to call him.