View Full Version : Need custom paint job suggestions!!

Prestige Bumpers
05-26-10, 12:36 PM
Hello. I just got my STS-V Supercharge and it is currently silver in color. I really want to get a custom paint job to separate even more from all the rest(even though I have not yet seen a STS-V on the road in Chicago). Could you give me some suggestions please. I was thinking maybe a candy apple red lower and silver on top, or pearl black on the bottom and silver on the top or maybe all silver and have the Cadillac emblem painted on the hood. PLEASE help me pick a color. Thanks!

05-26-10, 01:24 PM
Im not a fan of dual color paint jobs generally.. unless its a crazy show car, not a luxury sedan.

I think white with gloss black roof could look sweeeet on a STSV though. Red would be a good color too, since they dont come like that.. again gloss black roof if you want two colors?

Matte black racing stripes or wide matte stripe on our bumped hood could look good.

05-26-10, 01:28 PM
Also, we should get a Chicago V meet going sometime. There seems to be a lot of us.. but I never see other STS-Vs on the road either!

Bee iLL
05-26-10, 01:59 PM
I've seen 3 in the past 3 years. One was Bob in Naperville, One was going through a gas station car wash, and one was driving down Algonquin Rd. the opposite way. All were Black. I did see an old man (like 80) driving a silver STS that had V badging (in the wrong places), but there was no bulge in the hood, so he was posing. I kind of wondered if his dealership stuck those on and sold him an STS as a V thinking the old man wouldn't know any difference and they could make more off him, or if the old man stuck those on himself... Kind of funny if he did since he was going 10 under the speed limit!

I'll probably be flamed for this one, but I have often thought about doing a custom paint job of Candy Yellow and then black out all the chrome with a gloss black or chrome black. black out all the lights. Black Rims to match also. What can I say, I've always had a thing for candy yellow cars ever since I saw my first Lamborghini at the Chicago Car show when I was a kid.

05-26-10, 02:32 PM
I work right around Algonquin Rd. and 53.. Did it have the clear tails? Coulda been me..

I see a poser in Lincoln Park all the time, the hood is the dead give-away. Havent seen the driver of it though.

05-26-10, 04:05 PM
im in bloomingdale there is a silver stsv running around the south burbs with gun metal painted stock wheels and the cowl on the hood is painted flat black it looks pritty sharp