: thing's to look for when buying sts-v

05-26-10, 10:30 AM
what are the things i need to keep an eye out for when buying a used sts-v

05-26-10, 03:18 PM
I'd look for one that has the extended warranty through GM or is currently under the original factory warranty. Even if there is a couple months left, you have the ability to extend it if it is currently under warranty.

Besides that, look for the normal stuff when buying a used car.. mods, areas repainted..

05-26-10, 08:12 PM
+1 on the Warranty. Here are a few more things to look for:

Have them reflash the computer to make sure you have the latest load. Check the normal things and listen carefully to the Supercharger to make sure there are not any rattles. Start her up and lift the hood. smell under the hood for antifreeze smell. There should be no unusual smells. Also on the test drive punch it a few times to check for any tailpipe smoke. You will love the