: Service Costs

05-26-10, 10:27 AM
Today I phoned around a few places to get prices for a intermediate service and I have struck gold !

local Caddy Dealer wanted 390+vat and I phones a few Saab garages
got quotes under this so I tried a Garage that was very close to home and
I know one of our fellow BLS owers actually got his car from there have quotes and will stick to the price as they have quoted it twice to me
111 inc vat and parts :-)

very happy with that so I'm getting them to do a air con refuel for 50 aswell

05-30-10, 09:40 AM
Can feels a lot more smoother now the service has been done.

I asked about the automatic gearbox being slow, they had a mechanic
check it out and he said that was normal. So I take it SAAB auto boxes are slow at the change up.

So service and air con refuel and cleanse total 181.00

07-27-10, 05:25 PM
Has anybody else had a BLS serviced and if so which garage was used?

07-29-10, 06:14 AM

What did your service consist of?

07-29-10, 12:47 PM
my service was the intermediate service

they misquoted me :-) and had to stand by it

07-29-10, 04:34 PM
my service was the intermediate service

they misquoted me :-) and had to stand by it

But isn't the intermediate service the half-way one, the cheaper one compared to a full service? So, does that mean they misquoted you the higher price for a full service, and youi made them stick to it?


When I get mine done, (6,800 mile now) I am hoping they can look into any software updates. My Nokia 5800 doesn't work properly over bluetooth while my job's Blackberry works seamlessly. I was hoping there would be some kind of update from Saab or Cadillac. The turbo lag on the 1.8Tdi auto is also quite something compared to the wife's X5 although I still love the car. I was hoping that could be improved as well.


07-30-10, 04:55 AM
the car was prompting for intermediate service

I think it's the full one next time