View Full Version : Custom Seat Covers 94 FWB

05-26-10, 04:04 AM
Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has gotten custom seat covers for there 93-96 FWB's or any other Cadillac?

Even though I love the seats in my car, I really want that plush, ultra soft sink in seats of the older Cadillacs. So my plan is instead of tearing up the seats in my car, I rather have a cover that I can take off every now and then of I wanted to. This will also save me lots of money from a labor standpoint. I got quoted about $300 for a shop to make a custom pillow top velour seat cover.

Does that sound like a reasonable price? The cushions will be thickly padded, and cover both the bottom and seat back.

I've seen 93-96 FWB lowriders that have redone their seats with pillow tops, not completely redoing the seats, but just the seating area and they look extremely nice, classy, and comfortable.