: Moose takes two Firsts in Class

08-27-04, 05:03 PM
While Moose may not be a Cadillac his stable mate is, our 99 STS. Moose took First in Class on August 8 at Belmont, well after a couple of weeks that is. At the show we got 2nd in Class after a beautiful Cobra but when I sent for my score sheet I saw they added my score incorrectly. I got 99 points and not 97 which then put me above the 98 point Cobra! They corrected the error to say the least.

This was a great show, over 1000 cars attended and we had about 30 in our class, probably one of the largest ever. Lots of pictures here www.leocerruti.com/belmont080804 including some interesting Caddy shots.

We also went to the PAL Car Show on August 22 with about 250 cars. We took First in Class over the likes of a Corvette and a Viper! I was a bit nervous to be lumped in the same class as these cars but Moose prevailed! You can see plenty of pictures here www.leocerruti.com/pal082204

08-27-04, 05:15 PM
Congrats on first place :golden: - looks like there was some tough competition by the looks of those pics .....