: 1969 coupe DeVille with 472 need help to increase HP

05-25-10, 12:19 AM
Hey everyone, I am new to the site but have owned my 69 deville for over 4 years. It has long been my favorite car due to the body lines. I have done a lot of customization to the car. It lays full frame and the interior has been completley redone from top to bottom. While my suspension guy was laying the car out he warmed up the engine too fast we believe on a cold day and now the engine makes a ticking noise and one of the cylinders is not firing. I know a lot about customizing little to none about engines.

What I am looking to do is rebuild this engine with much more performance. Again I do no know much about engines so was hoping someone on the forums has already been down this path and can steer me in a good direction.

do you bore it out new cam lifters rods ect, can twin turbos work ? please help

Greatly appreciate it..


05-25-10, 04:29 PM
Try MTS for hop up parts. If you're little to none about engines, best stay away from twin turbos. Bruce Roe

05-26-10, 01:38 PM
Bruce thanks. I will look into that. I have called around to a few of the machine/engine shops in las vegas and have gotten quotes from $1800-

One of the shops suggested
~custom CAM
~new Valves

and the quote for this was $4500 this seems to be overpriced ??

Anyone had any luck with these?

Thanks Kris

Angry Matt
05-26-10, 04:29 PM
Go to MTS for the cam, they make them specifically for these motors. My biggest gripe when I had my '70 was the distributor. Find a late model 472/500 or a 425 or 368 in a junk yard and get the HEI distributor (make sure it has a vacuum advance canister) and swap that out, it should help in more ways then one. If you get an aluminum manifold, you'll have to remove or adapt the later, smaller a/c compressor, but it's a good idea. $4500 seems a little high, is that including parts?

05-26-10, 04:43 PM

That 472 should already be a quite powerful engine. I suggest start by making sure its up to par. Check the timing chain, any car that age must get a quality replacement. The plastic teeth on the cam sprocket wear & eventually fall off, possibly doing more engine damage. Make sure the ignition is good, with the mechanical weights & vacuum advance lubed & working correctly. Often these are worn or jammed, big performance loss. An upgrade to an HEI would be even better, if you can get one recurved for your engine. Use a clean air filter. A good low restriction dual exhaust (with crossover pipe) will help.

The above will have minimal cost, and won't take your car out of service for long. It will have a BIG EFFECT if maintenance is behind. You need all this before you even think about engine changes. A new manifold will probably eliminate a place for the air cond compressor. Balancing in itself won't add any power. New valves will be costly compared to the gain. A radical cam could make a difference, if everything else is A1, you change the torque converter and you give up decent gas mileage & smooth idle. BRUCE ROE

09-09-10, 02:09 AM
Has anyone gone done the road of a motor swap with any of the following. MTS/ Jerry potter / Cad company

all of them sell refurbished 500ci blocks with various uprgrades shipped and ready to turn from $4800-8500.

I was considering this over having a shop in town breakdown my motor, diagnose the problem then pay for fixing/upgrading. With quotes ive been getting I could buy on of these motors ready to turn.

Feedback is appreciated..:worship:

12-19-10, 03:20 PM
good info here...thanks