: 94 and 95 intake different?

05-24-10, 02:33 PM
I am putting in a 94 Northstar Y vin engine in my 95 Y vin car. I read where the intakes are interchangeable and that I should use the 95 because it's a better design. The 95 intake was held down with 10 bolts. I don't have 10 bolt holes with this 94 motor. I went to screw in the end bolts and realized these holes are not tapped out at all. What do I do now?

05-24-10, 02:53 PM
I kept my 95 heads. the 95 heads have 5 tapped holes for the intake per head while the 94 heads only have 2 tapped holes per head. is there going to be a problem bolting down the intake with only the 4 bolts instead of the 10 bolts the 95 had? I really don't want a vacuum leak.

05-24-10, 03:01 PM
I believe the entire intake manifolds are different. What about the EGR passages in the block and port location in the two different heads themselves ?

05-24-10, 04:49 PM
yes, the intakes are totally different. the heads appeared to have the same ports though. besides the intake, I had to put the 95 water crossover on. there was a pipe that ran from the intake right where the throttle body mounts to the intake to the water crossover. I was surprised that the 94 intake was only held on with 4 bolts and the 95 was held on with 10.