: No sig? No problem! List your mods/build here!

05-24-10, 09:39 AM
I already ran this by a mod, and if it works out the way I hope we can make a sticky out of this...

This thread is to list your truck's mod/build ONLY. Please don't clutter it up with comments, etc. The main reason I'd like to do this came up recently in another post where I asked someone a question about their wheels that they've answered many times over. Without a signature it makes it difficult to ask/answer a question sometimes without even basic information.

I'll start. Obviously, you can update your own post whenever you make a change. This way we'll have one stop shopping and everyone will be able to reference it when they see a pic of something they like (or don't like) and be able to come here and see what's what...

A nice full size picture to accompany the post would be cool, I'm gonna add my own here shortly once I get the drop kit installed, otherwise it looks like every other black ESV we've all seen!

'07 ESV (Black/Cashmere)

Bought brand new off the floor 3/09. Basically stripped, only option was sunroof (standard running boards, etc.)
Dual Optima Yellow Top Battery setup (capacitor/manual in-cab switch) + solar trickle charger...I ain't EVER gonna have a dead battery!
Tow/brake controller for both car/bike trailers
Factory 22s "summer" wheel
Factory 18s with Blizzaks for winter
Tint (fronts 15%, the rest is 15% over stock tint, so yeah, it's dark). Previously tinted windshield 35% with fronts 5% but that was too much...(for the local law enforcement!)
Kenwood DNX 7140 headunit, JL Audio 6 1/2 component speakers front door (pillar tweeters), Vizualogic dual DVD headrest monitors, low light rear view camera
K&N drop in air-filer
Predator tuner (canned tunes)
That's it, for now...

Waiting to install Ground Force spindle/spring drop, 2 inch front, 2 1/2 rear...
LOTS more coming!