View Full Version : 1994 seville STALLING.

05-23-10, 12:31 PM
Hello everyone!!!

I have a 1994 Seville with a North STAR. I have a stalling issue which occurs when hot, once you try to take off from a complete stop. :ill:

I have changed the following.
Crank sensors, cam sensor, map sensor tps sensor.

I also got a ICM from the salvage yard from a 1998 cleaned the coils and pins.

new plugs and wires.
cleaned the throttle body and EGR

I am desperate at this point, I cleaned all of the power connectors and grounds to all of the connectors on the engine. :arghh:

I just got back from a road test, stalled 7 times in less than 1/4 mile, I had a fuel pressure gauge on it, and it stayed steady at 40 psi.

Anyone one have any ideas???????? :crying2:

05-23-10, 08:03 PM
I checked the fuel pressure and it is 48 psi before and after the stall.

The good news is the I popped the top intake off and found a Map sensor in there. I thought it was next to the brake booster.:wtf: I went ahead and replaced it and took it for a long road test with no problems!!!!:2thumbs:

Next it is time to tackle the ABS light:gun2: well maybe not:D